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haha join this server its fun hahah join it itll be funny i think

Join almost 100! nice people 🥂 as we all talk chat play games. We love anime and music 🔊but we do of course have a taste. Please make sure you 🎊 don' put inappropriate songs on!! 🎆 Were Amazing And we love to Chat Well most of us 🌼 Cya!✨

We are a wholesome anime server that would like to grow.our goal is to provide anime fans with a place they can call home

We are a gaming-focused server where everyone is welcome. We somehow don't have any toxic moderators. We're a new server.

A community server dedicated to destroying boredom!

Small gaming community where you can play many games

Your friendly little gaming server!

Community server for the website https://fgcharts.com/.

All your Roblox Dev and Gaming channels! Join to start building a community of fellow gamers and programmers! Adopt Me Giveaways and more coming soon!

In our server everyone is equal we talk about anime, music, gaming and even school, we do polls about everything and we also help everyone we can.

This is the Slayer Guild, where gamers and streamers come together, play their favorite games, get tips, hang out, chat, offer advice and make friends! We are a new community so feel free to invite your friends too! We hope to expand to many games!

Selam Bruderherz/Schwesterherz du bist herzlich Willkommen auf dem Almanya Server!

A fan-made discord server to talk to fellow fans (over 3000+ users) about the popular anime/manga series Shokugeki No soma (Food Wars)!

If you are a furry we will need to fight your whole furry world... idk

New and exciting esport team.

We talk about anything.