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It’s a anime and gaming server

The marines army need more members

LGBTQ friendly

🌷 οΉ’ self roles & colors (colors level 10+) 🎈 οΉ’ sfw & non-toxic πŸ‡ οΉ’ semi-active chat πŸ“ οΉ’nitro gws! 🌹 οΉ’ hiring a/pms + staff etc! 🎟️ οΉ’ friendly, welcoming community! πŸ“• οΉ’ boost + level perks πŸ’— οΉ’ chill moderators

It's a friendly server, to have fun and to hang around

gaming roblox roblox roblox

16+ Wholesome discord server that offers Vent spaces, emojis, active chats, wholesome & welcoming members, friendly staff, events and more!

Hello! usagi's lounge is for anyone to join and be themselves just a TW for all the softies out there we like to be homely and friendly so if ur easily hurt or triggered this isnt the server for u. Its where you can be yourself!

hello, this is a new server, we are hoping to grow, we talk about everything, hope to see you around, also we have bots and stuff, please do us a favor and join :)

we are an upcoming chill community server, so come and join our small and cool community

Comunidad de juegos no toxica y amigable

A new Discord server for gamers by gamers. Anyone is allowed in, we accept all who join. Whether your looking to socialize with other gamers or find new friends to play your favorite game, we here at The Gamers Chair are ready to welcome you.

A small occult/esoteric/magic community. But mostly we just chat shit all day! Come join us and have some fun! Oh! We also have a MC server!

A V A L O N 🌲 | πŸ•’ GMT+8 (SEA) "We never realised we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun." ⭐ Instant Anime Updates ⭐ Active Chat + Voice Chat Activity ⭐ Friendly Community ⭐ Become a Sweaty Gamer