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This is a very nice and welcoming server. We are almost always active and we play video games and talk.

This is a Server made by one person and is based of the backrooms for the layout!

A server to chill and have fun (italian only)

A fun group of friends, or your friends to-be! It doesn't matter what your gender, sexuality, race, or fandom is!

𝐸𝓃𝓈𝑜𝒶𝓊𝓇 Why should I join? • We have active staff any may be hiring more! • We have fun bots! • We even have "Join to Create" Voice Chats! • 24/7 Music! • Colour roles!

we all are doge lover and our team have over 6 year crypto experience, We are bring our most unique 10000 doge tribe pup art to spread the awesomeness and cuteness to the world. Adopt your Doge pups to become our Doge Tribe!

Die High5ive Gaming Community wurde im Jahr 2020 gegründet. Bei uns geht es nicht nur darum, neue Mitspieler für verschiedene Multiplayer-Games zu finden, sondern es geht mehr darum eine Plattform zu schaffen, welcher einem zweiten Zuhause gleicht.

The Abode is your online home away from home.

Hey! 👋🏼😊 We're a server where everyone is always welcome. You'll find a bunch of games to play on here. We hope you enjoy! 💪🏼

We’d love to have you here at the ‘Café Of Fools’! We’re a pretty close knit community, we’re all good people, and we’re always looking for great new additions.

We are a chill server looking for active members!


Under construction...

1) A supportive community of Youtuber Musicians looking to collaborate and grow together (Non-Musicians or Aspiring Youtubers are also welcome) 2) Weebs and Koreaboos 3) Clarinet Enthusiasts (Don't worry we love other instruments too)