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Welcome to Meow for cute emotes and cool place to hang out. Many cute anime and girly emotes. Come check it out! ๐Ÿค

Hey, ciao! Sรฌ, dico proprio a te! Quante volte hai navigato nella Dashboard prima di trovarci? Beh, eccoci qui! Coffee senpai รจ un server del tutto nuovo e a portata di clic, un posto dove ti potrai rilassare e parlare con gli amici proprio come al bar!

Small sever for now with just a bunch of friends, but looking to make a fun community for people to hang out with and make new friends. :)

you can chat with other people from even other countries, i've already got some from uk, mexico, and even indonesia ! join link: https://discord.gg/3JWa7QkWRp

Are you a horror or mystery fan? Join Macabre Manor! - Horror Writers - Horror Readers - Thriller and Mystery - True Crime - Ghost Stories

Join if you are interested in buying cheap nudes off of me to support me in life! Thank you sosososo much!

small bakery theme server for everyone! Welcoming members, many emotes, and fun people to play with for games like Identity V, Genshin, Roblox, Honkai, and more! We also enjoy anime, kpop, and mangas

Chill chillout hangout fun gaming music lofi24/7 a fun place to relax

Girls Only Server! We are a fast growing server made to help girl gamers connect. Safe space with great community <3

A chill new server dedicated to discussions around music. We have last-fm, dank-memer, and other fun bots.

a place where i am trying to build a family to hold it down with.

Join this server to have fun with Boxfight Tournaments in Fortnite!

Bes and Fast Growing Dank Memer Server We Do Give Aways And Rob Is Available Heists Are Available When Rich users Join, We Do Giveaways Multiple Times A Day!

Unlock Dark Aether instantly on your own account. No login info required. Dark Aether camo on all weapons All Weapons Max Level All Weapon Attachments Unlocked This works on any platform as the game is cross platform (PSN, XBOX, or PC)

meet friends, play some games, laugh at memes and make scuffed noises all in one place. The Hood.

Join this server for epic Minecraft plugins. You can suggest any plugin you want and I will most likely make it.