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voices impressions, acting, cosplay, support freindliness and love!

Community server for anyone who wants to join [ENG] The server has already been boosted

Welcome to Life and Chill! We are a multi purpose server that is aiming to grow as much as possible, and we talk about games, life, school, sports, and more! We also host movie nights and game nights! So, join our server and help us grow!

Hello soon to be sinners, want a chill place where random topics can start, anime discussion and debates can happen randomly, and most importantly, where games can be played together? Well look no further than the Sinz server! More details are in Server:

This is a server where you can meet friends and talk about games! The owner is actually a youtuber too and often in chat! We do giveaways, and many more! We have meme channels and stuff! Don't want pings? Go get a reaction role! We also have Events!

A server for thats for chill people

Сообщество №1* по поиску тиммейтов: GTA 5 ONLINE ; CS:GO AND OTHER | Ждем на сервере!

We are A Gaming Team that has over 500 members. We are still trying to grow and need your help! If you are interested, please join!

> **Welcome to The Empire!** We are a small but** growing server**. We are a** gaming as well a community server** and would like to welcome you! **~~-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------~~**

We're a community of gamers and friends, always looking for more people to play with. Primarily adults with families/jobs, we fit best with those who come and want to chill gaming together. 18+

Just trying to grow a calm gaming community full of fun people!

This is the Horny Republic. Our server is themes around NieR: Automata.

A Pokémon Showdown and WiFi League. Battle our themed teams on Showdown, or try our Sw/sh Region Challenge! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pP8gsZI1EITa0dvHXuyTkgDgJOW_y4wcmjV5IqVHKjI/edit?usp=sharing

Hi this is to tell you about my first server which is meant to be a chillzone and a big gaming commuinity! we are still looking for mods,admins, staff and yeah!

server for pfps & chill, join and make friends!

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