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Join our server to find many other gamers to play games including Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Rocket League! We host many different tournaments as well.

A fantasy roleplay set in the kingdom of Heartfelt. After the empire's heart is stolen, the long-standing reign of peace ends and evil is unleashed on the unsuspecting citizens. Freeplay and story mode available.

Collided🌌Rifts - The best Anime Emote server!

Server for Music Producers, Music artists and (drawing) artists all to collaborate

We have dank memer, almost no rules, and we are a shitposting and gaming community. Join or gay.

This is a exploiting server.

chill low mod swearing allowed no softies

Welcome to Sleepless, Were a active gaming community that's been around since 2015! Join the community today and invite your friends!

Only kool kyds allowed >:3

A new server focuses on finding competitive and casual players for any game. I want to bring a community together and have a good time. All gamers welcome!

Hello, this is a new Minecraft Java edition server that is still in beta, we are hiring staff and beta testers at the moment so come and join and communicate with others!

In this server we teach you all about coding. If you have any problems just ask staff! We also host minecraft server's and bot's for cheap!

A fun and chill cheese loving server.

Hello! Feeling lonely lately? Well come join us because we love to play games, talk, chill, and make friends! Cya at Ghost Society!

Just a fun server where a bunch of people just want to hang out and talk and play games together. Were a growing community and I'm sure you can find someone to talk too and get along with. Any ideas you have to help grow the server are appreciated!