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What are some weird anime quotes you've seen from your favorites anime?

Hello soon to be sinners, want a chill place where random topics can start, anime discussion and debates can happen randomly, and most importantly, where games can be played together? Well look no further than the Sinz server! More details are in Server:

The Midnight Sky Community is a friendly, easy-going, Discord based club for writers of all ages. We are here to help, support and improve your writing as best as we can.

〚Wir sind ein LGBTQ Server für den Raum Baden-Württemberg〛 Unser Server ist für LGBTQ+ People, die in Baden-Württemberg wohnen. Wir haben eine große Auswahl and Kanälen und eine große Auswahl and Möglichkeiten sich in der Community zu beteiligen.

Hiya! I’m glad you found this server! Here we are mainly a server for furries or people who support them! We have both sfw and nsfw areas(pending verification) We are a new server and quite empty at the moment but would really like to grow!

Gaming centre for everyone. Post YouTube videos, promotions, games including Injustice2 Mobile, Roblox, Minecraft, AmongUs, Pokémon and much more. A fun and friendly place to hangout and interact with ppl from all over the world. Welcome to join in

🔞 free videos leaked onlyfans and more! and no invites requiered !

This Server Is A Gen And Following Server!

Welcome to The Philippines Discord Server! ─────────────────────────────────── A community for everyone who wants to talk, meet people, and play with friends online! ➣ Mingle with people. ➣ Meet new friends. ➣ Have fun!

We are a group of individual that just like to socialize while playing games. We sometimes stream our antics on Twitch and it is in the planning to create a Facebook group, Twitter account and a YouTube channel.

Moin Servus Moin! Wir sind ein deutscher Community Server mit mittlerweile über 1300 Member. Hier kannst du neue Freunde... bla bla bla, komm einfach!

A Cool Minecraft Discord Server

Join this Discord to promote your content, chat with other creators and connect with my own stream!

Free games here 100% serure

Official server for users of Infinite Passengers for Infinite Flight and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

G59 discord server


The official /r/G59 Discord server. If you listen to $uicideboy$ or Ramirez come join.