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DayZ Community server for the DayZ Server, "Lost Revelations." FRESH SERVER DROP ON 6/25/2020! > PVP / Safe Zones > Faction Wars > Raiding Rules > Weekly Events ...and more!

simple. Gaming server! good for finding new friend and etc.

Bane is an Esports Clan looking for players of COD:Warzone and the widely-known Fortnite. If you are a beginner or an expert at either of these games, please join!

Fortnite Wager Discord

A small collected server with members to join and make friends. Come talk about video games and join us for events! Mod applications are open Friendly staff Growing community Special role for the first 15 to join!

Shoebox is trying to form a community of supportive, nontoxic, and respectful gamers who want a difference in the hate online and offline.

This is a really chill server where you can come in and chat, game, and listen to music. We have an active chat and active VCs. We’re a new server, so it’s relatively small, but with your help we could make it grow. :)

Cool community that hosts events, giveaways, and more!

From the Kingdom of Faerghus to the Adrestian Empire, or even from the Leicester Alliance, the Officers Academy calls for you!

Welcome youngling to the jedi high council. Hmmm. Great things I sense in you. Bring balance to the force you will. Offering you a seat on the council I am.

This server is dedicated to chatting about anime. There are very loose rules in this server. Join to debate about your favorite anime topics.

hey ,you Come my discord and invite friends .

We sell and discuss mods primarily for GRAND THEFT AUTO V! But we also sell mods for Fortnite, COD, Minecraft, and CS:GO!

We are the next great thing in hosting.

Warm welcome to our great community, we hope you enjoy your stay with us.