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A not very succesful community which is still in progress, but it's going to be finished if you can and want to help me.

We are a safe, LGBTQ+ friendly, 18+ server that welcomes all kinds of hentai and guro kinks! We aim to provide a safe environment to fantasise about kinks, including darker ones. Under no circumstances should these fantasies leave the realm of fiction.

This is a Romanian 🇷🇴 Community! What we have: • Chill Staff •Leveling Sistem • Suggestion Sistem • Much Animes •And much,much moree

Goblin Slayer is a Japanese light novel, manga and anime franchise written by Kumo Kagyu.

📜 We pledge our fealty to the 👑 King of Salem, and give our solemn vow to follow the ✝️Grand Cross, a bestowal Son. We promise to keep the secrets of the Order close to our heart. ♥️ - Knight Commander Gabriella TO THE DOGGED THE PATH WILL BE SHOWN

╔═══.·:·. ☽ ✧: ✦: ✧ ☾ .·:·. ═══╗ Higurashi Server ╚═══ .·:·. ☽ ✧ : ✦ : ✧ ☾ .·:·. ═══╝ When They Cry series fanbase server that does it all! Gaming, Movie Nights, Events, Drawing Contests w/Prizes and more~

"Project Code Name" ~ "The Best Cheats Market Place" ~ [JOIN TODAY AND CHECK US OUT] [MAKE SURE TO READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION]

Welcome to FUNTIME ENTERTAINMENT, a Fazbear Entertainment franchisee! What do we do here? Glad you asked! We sell you animatronic entertainers (FNaF Ar), play Among Us, Minecraft, COD: Mobile, and much more! And remember, have a "Funtime!"

‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ Land Of The Usimob ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙ We're a community based around spiritual advancement, respect, discussion and growth. If you are looking for friendships with spirituality roots; you got to the right place!

UK based server, with something for everyone! Mental health support? YES Gaming? YES Programming? YES Creative? YES Weebs? YES Help us grow this community! If you want anything added feel free to suggest it!

Hello All everyone welcome to Trading/Leak Amatur Nudes :) This discord server is for all who likes NSTW/Nudes/Amatur Everyone has to be at lease 13+ to be able to join... If you are looking for a partner or trading buddy come join us.

We offer to provide the best possible pumps and dumps by our Professional Analysis Experts.

New Eden is a chatting server to come and chill at! We'd love to see you around!

***ꗃ⌗₊˚      🍋 REY ENTERTAINMENT     ✦ . ˚₊*** > ꈍᴗꈍ < a rp kpop entertainment server !! welcome to rey entertainment ~ here, you can become either an idol trainee, an actor, or a model at one of the best companies in seoul !

This discord server is just for meeting people do whatever idc. Heavily focused on voice channels and just chilling.