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Welcome to The Collective Studio! We are a team of creatives and developers who collaborate remotely together. Our purpose is to engage UX design students and professionals of all backgrounds by offering them a place to grow and share ideas.

Welcome to the penthouse suit. The tip of the pyramid, have a drink make yourself comfortable.

A place where you can play games, Make new friends, show your talent and just chill.

Come join Felicity today, it's a chill server, SFW only, play games, post memes, enjoy your time, we will be happy to have you with us!

Welcome to Sexy Burberry, A friendly community server with a wholesome non-toxic community, neatly arranged channels, and more!

The Multiverse is a multi-universe roleplaying server where you can make an original character from any universe and bring them into a world where fantasy, science fiction, and other worlds combine. Fall with us into the world of worlds!

Official Discord for Epidem7c.

A fun server to play games with other people! Make friends, join stranger's games and much more!

Hi Everyone! I run a server called Happy Wholesome Animal crossing , We are a sfw, 13+ server that welcomes all players of AC! We are laid back and are there to help new members and meet people who enjoy playing similar games ,

Heyyy come join the server it very small rn because we are slowly grow pls help us grow and we do giveaway and we can help u with coded and we can help u with alot more thing just join the server if u want to if u do join it makes me happy

literally just a server full of idiot weebs who like to listen to stuff on vc a lot join n chat w us

We welcome anyone to our server but we are looking for Trickshotters Competitive players Moderators Advertisers And more But we also welcome anyone who wants to join

This is a fun place, family friendly and welcoming server. We are hoping to reach 100 members by the end of the year. We are a growing Community and trying to make this server the best it can be!

We are a safe and healthy server for people who want to make friends and want a spot to just hangout We accept everyone no matter what you’re beliefs or political views or what background you may have I aim to make this place active and healthy

Come join a new, coffee shop themed discord server to relax and chill. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Featuring; special channels for higher ranked members Gaming vc's A coffee delivery service meme and image general ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~