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Gaming sever for pervs!

A friendly server with friendly people! Everyone is welcome to join!!

Chill server with chill people. We host movie nights, have a game room, bot commands and a bit of everything!

This discord contains people who want to have fun! Also contains some content creators, streamers, designers/artists, and editors! 🎮Multiple Channels to hang out and play games! 🎮 📊*There are self-promo sections, that are free to use!* 📊 🔴*STREAMING

Although it's a bit dead atm, we still would like to take the opportunity to grow and bring people of similar interests together! ^^

Hello! We are Canary smp! We're a minecraft role play smp (most likely like the dream smp) , but we're our own server! We welcome anyone as we only have around 6 members at the time, so please at least check it out or even join it!

The Waffle Café is dedicated to Gaming, Content Creation, Making new friends, and overall Having Fun! Join Us and our 20+ members today!

Make new friends and play online games with your friends and more fun.

Here is the best place to trade with Dank Memer. We also have great 'banking' tools such as loans and renting of items such as a laptop or cellphone. We also have BetterShop, the best place to buy items for cheaper than the shop price!

Gaming, Chatting & Fun to gain custom roles with levels!

A server where you can chat with friends!

This server is a cheap way to get solutions to any chegg problem!

Join and talk about the Nelk youtube channel with other fans.

Hello! Welcome To Esuba Productions USA - West Coast Hosting We currently host a various amount of servers and are always open to hosting more servers per our community requests