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Moin Servus Moin! Wir sind ein deutscher Community Server mit mittlerweile über 1300 Member. Hier kannst du neue Freunde... bla bla bla, komm einfach!

Just a server where all dumbasses can chill in lmao - We have: 🍜 anime 📞 userphone ⬆️ level-up roles 🐸 memes 💦 nsfw 🎨 art 🎆 color roles

[Rocket League High Standards Team] -✅ [Comp, Freestylers, No Flippers] -✅ [GFX, VFX, Moderation] -✅

A server with a bunch of Harry Styles stans

A NEW anime/gaming/community server for anyone and everyone!

hi guys ... welcome to my server. i just want to say hi and enjoy with friends. have great time. به سرور من خوش اومدین رفقا من میخواستم بهتون یه سلامی بکنم و بگم با دوستاتون از سرور لذت ببرید

This is a "peaceful" server for just anyone who wants to vibe.

we are a group of people looking for some wholesome members

A tabletop variation of the Fallout franchise, designed for lovers of D&D. Roleplay your time in the wasteland through our Pen and Paper system.


✯🍁✯~KINGDOM~✯🍁✯🍥 Animanga, art, memes, gaming❄️ Chill and laid back community 🐱 Emotes 🌸 Voice chats 🌼 Fun bots

Hey Loves! We are Gabyy and Yousef. We'd like to introduce our first public server. It's about Gaming and Animes. We are trying to archive a good community who we can play and have fun with. If you feel like you'd enjoy our company just click on the join!

A place where you can connect with Editors & Designers.

The SecretSlaying Network is an upcoming Server Community providing you with multiple popular Games with high-Quality Servers.

Welcome to 🎉Party Zone🎉, Be your self, find friends people to talk to, people to relate with and a place where you can always feel at home no matter who you are.