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💥 Welcome to Collateral Damage! 💥 We are a growing community server. Our goal is to provide a fun experience for everyone. Join today to see what else you can offer!

a pretty chill server thats looking to grow you can come here to make friends listen to music or just have fun all around

Discord Channel to report suggestions for Apple Devs. You can report problems/bugs available in MacOS / Apple Mac Apps, no matter if related to Finder, Mail, Safari, etc and no matter if new or old (this means even available since 5+ years).

we are a gaming server that hosts a bunch of servers like minecraft and scpsl and some other fun games for people to play come join us!!!!

The Avengers are dead. In the 18+, literate roleplay server, the world is falling apart. SHIELD and HYDRA are at each other's throats and the Avengers have fallen. It's up to their children to save the world they had left behind. AU, 616 and MCU based.

In this channel all weebs, otaku or normal anime watchers are allowed do whatever you want as well as be online very much!! Many fun games, giveaway of custom anime dp and many more!! The theme of the server is Naruto!! Join it!!

Welcome to our Study Café! This is a new server for people who simply want to study, chill, and chat. Join us and help us grow!

Stock trading and investing.

Welcome to Roleplay World, a furry-based roleplay made for furries, by furries! We are set in medieval times, and have an easy to follow ruleset.

Welcome to X-City, the best community server for you to enjoy in! Join today!

We are a community of students who built a successful community who are very friendly and active, we aim to bring forward the best resources for your prep, and we help in exam preps too. We have students from various boards and languages around the world.

The Crib is the server for all the gamers out there. Talk and Hangout with other gamers and Cribtonians, talk about your hobbies, listen music together. All in one place!

Um this is my first server, pls join!

Welcome to the OG SERVER.

The official Hyper-X Minecraft Server. Play MegaSurvival / Skyblock / BedWars / SkyWars. (BEDROCK SERVER)

A server where film fans are free to discuss all things film! A safe server for whoever wants to join! you will be able to discuss about any kind of film you like as well as share memes etc!