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This server os to conmect Onlyfans Creators and Subscribers 🔞👌

A hangout server made for weird people based on the weirdest creatures; Frogs

Were just a bunch of friends in a server i created im trying to grow it so if you like fun just join im almost active all the time

Just a random discord community

Welcome to Prince Refunding!:moneybag: Experienced!:face_with_monocle: Fast responses!⚡️ 99% Success rate!:moneybag: And most importantly, affordable!

Hi! Welcome to prison cell! Make new friends and enjoy your stay!

Welcome to the Galaxy's Edge! Here you can find memes, Tryhards, good people and great conversations! We are aiming to create a place where you can expand your friend groups or maybe just fill that slot in your squad. Just come and chill, it could be fun!

A friendly server, full of danganronpa fans, that is dedicated to what the people want.

A community for people to commit to goals, post updates on progress, and motivate others while practicing social distancing for COVID-19. Provides an encouraging, supportive virtual retreat for those looking to bring a sense of “normality” back to life

Berlin based Discord server about music and events

A server where people like to talk and just hangout!

A server community server that welcomes everyone to play together and hang out. We make it our goal to create save and active enviroment.

Do you like politics? War? Espionage? Maybe you just like roleplay? Well, this might be the server for you!

Clan's discord for Minecraft pvp server: LostShard.net Lost Shard has the best survival pvp anywhere, whilst being 100% non-p2w! Come and join us today!

Welcome to the OG SERVER.