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This is a "peaceful" server for just anyone who wants to vibe.

Need help with a homework assignment? Interested in volunteering to tutor others? FREE tutoring for all K-12 coursework! Provides support for AP and IB classes! College advice & scholarship database! JOIN NOW!

Poketwo, dankmemer, idle miner and more!

Seja bem vindo ao Discord Oficial do Tarkov Brasil, nosso objetivo é fazer a maior comunidade brasileira de Tarkov, em um local só, com informações atualizadas e jogadores dispostos a jogarem e outros dispostos a te ensinar o jogo, os Sherpas!

we are a group of people looking for some wholesome members

Welcome to 🎉Party Zone🎉, Be your self, find friends people to talk to, people to relate with and a place where you can always feel at home no matter who you are.

A server that welcomes any non-toxic dank memer player! Robs are disabled and we will be holding heists and events when our server get bigger.

This server is meant for Tamil Speaking Players and Gamers.We will conduct Giveaways for example dank coins giveaway,Dank bank notes giveaways and much more.We will play Among us Everyday in our server.We will be also playing pc games and android games.

Hey, This is the server rial's lobbies here we host the best cold war modded lobbies for the cheapest prices!

HELPING new palyers at EFT. Lonely? join this and make new friends to play with

Brats 18+ fast-growing server 18+ Adult SFW ✰ Profiles ✰ Selfies ✰ Currency ✰ Gambling ✰ chill ✰ E-Girls ✰ verified section ✰ Confessions ✰ Love Events ✰ Top Discord servers ✰ Beautiful layout ✰ Awesome staff ✰ Community that loves to mess ar

Siz de türklerle oyun oynamak istermiydiniz? Şimdi atom krallık kayıt botu ile kayıt olun ve hemen arkadaş bulun

The best server for Aviation and Flight Simulator enthusiasts to hang out!

hi friends i have created a new server, kindly do support & join them. https://discord.gg/KX7R5zfs

this server is to have fun and make new friends. you can also chill in this server.