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Are you tired of slow, fricking slow xeons at 1.6GHz running your bot with 128mb of ram? Then join to **Plainhost.xyz**! We offer free hosting ------------------- Our web: https://plainhost.xyz Support server: https://discord.gg/mD3atRRjWy

Gaming, Chatting & Fun to gain custom roles with levels!

A server where you can chat with friends!

This server is a cheap way to get solutions to any chegg problem!

Its a server created for everyone to enjoy. Friendly members alot of exiting roles and many more.

This is a server where u can chill and vibe so please consider joining

We have 64 members at the moment and we are looking for new members to join and make friends

I'm a Discord bot Developer.

A small Romanian server for chatting, gaming, memes and more.

-Welcome to- ⚜️The Soviet Conglomerate⚜️ Where you can find people who love anime, playing games, music, and so much more. You can always relax and hang out in our Vcs or maybe play games with your favourite bots, the choice is yours.

Flight Rising Discord: LGBT+ Friendly, main discord channels are for Flight Rising, but we have an off-topic area set up for shared interests as well. Check us out!

A small Among Us group looking to grow. With over 200 active members.

This is a brand new server where we're mostly talking about Tom MacDonald, Nova Rockafeller, Brandon Hart

Pripoj sa k priateľnej hernej komunite!