Welcome to Hell
59 members

Bienvenue dans mon sanctuaire. Serveur communautaire principalement français.

Ninja Hideout
989 members

Find out what lies behind that forbidden waterfall. Could it be friends, community, and a home for fellow streamers and fans of Ninja25Dre 's Twitch or YouTube.

Dying Light Deutschland
247 members

Ein Server für die Deutsche Dying Light 2 Community!

The Dream SMP Community…
691 members

Hello! Welcome to our friendly community! This is mainly a server to talk about the Dream SMP, but we talk about many other things as well! You can get roles for your favourite Streamers/Youtubers of the Dream SMP and then talk about them in special chats

109 members

Hey there! Are you ready to find a FRESH community? What are you waiting for? Get in here and chill with us! Who knows, you might just make some new friends along your journey. 😉 Take your invite and head on over. I doubt you'll regret it!

Leas MM2 Shop
503 members

Lea's MM2 Shop https://discord.gg/kxhyhD6reV What we offer: Cheap prices Non-toxic community chill and chatting future giveaways?

239 members

Чтоб ты смог общаться и полностью использовать наш сервер, прочти #информацию.

♡ Neko Maid Cafe ♡
462 members

ʚ A small LGBTQ+ inclusive gaming/anime community ɞ Hoping to find some new cuties to call our server home ^-^

The 420 Haven
31 members

The 420 Haven is a New Haven for Stoners and Everyone alike.

232 members

Лучший в СНГ сервер по поиску команды PUBG пабг Battlegrounds Call of Duty Warzone cod Battlefield CSGO кс го VALORANT DOTA2 dota дота RUST раст Super People Супер пипл Apex Fortnite фортнайт

Lil mayo's emo dungeon
420 members

this is basically a 2009cord bootleg

The Rogue League
228 members

This community is for streamers who want to grow, for streamers that want help others grow, and for streamers who want to mentor others. I decided to create a community that was built on helping one another in the streaming industry.

👾 Fazcade 👾
390 members

We are a chill FNAF server with Fazcade theming, nitro giveaways, events, competitions and more. LGBTQ+ safe space with a diverse growing community. We have custom DJ Music Man emotes and stickers available to use. System Friendly.

Seven Shades Of Hell
369 members

This server is meant to be a fun and enjoyable roleplay for everyone. We hope you enjoy the server and chat (The server as made in 2/5/2022)

Fourth Planet
161 members

✨A fun, safe, gaming space for Gamers! We are active daily, host weekly events, and also have a Friday Night Server tradition where you can hop on the voice channel, chat, game, and hangout with the server community all night ✨

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