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Nouveau serveur pour Gartic Phone et among us ! un serveur pour les deux meilleurs jeux téléphone et PC. Ici vous pouvez trouver un staff super, des potes avec qui jouer, et des sessions de jeux déjantées.

Cheap spotify upgrade! Lifetime premium!

Spatial Esports is an up and coming CACL level esports organization, come join us on our journey to PL, and come make some new friends.

Just a place to chill.

We talk about anime, listen to music, and chat for hours. We are very diverse and have members from across the globe! The owner of the server also has an anime meme page called @glorypods and posts daily and is interactive with his fan base.

We are a server where you can do anything. From dark humor to meeting new people, we have a wide variety of members and bots.

This server is for all you out there that love among us. It’s a friendly environment with fun and smart people to play with. Frequent games and growing frequently as well. Potential of becoming a gaming server rather than just among us.

Kawaii cuties is just a fun little chit chat server with no real topic, just a nice server to talk to your friends and meet new people!

discord.gg/boop is a cute, sfw & welcoming server ready to become the home to anyone and everyone! <3 🌸

why discord server


you can meet new people n make some cool friends. its pretty chill here. you can do server events to get more power. its kina awesome. please join

This server is not only for the Swift Wrecker's fans but for everyone

The HangOut is a great place for vibing. Here you can talk to your friends in general chat, play music in the music chat, and type whatever comes to mind in the spam chat. You can make new friends if you don't have any.

A political server based of a monarchy and a Mongol conquered Middle East

Hey there! If you're ever bored and you're looking for something to do. Here we have many things for you to do and have fun here!

My Twitch Discord server for anybody to join.

Hey we're a partner server and gaming we accept all members of and kind we love people and respect no cussing and stuff read rules for more follow tos and have fun make friends as well stay frosty