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The perfect place to make friends and talk to people. :)

hi! welcome to an among us server in which we have people from all over the world.

This is a server to unite all Anime Lovers, Gamers or People who just wanna have a chat. Feel free to join, super friendly community!

Minecraft Kitpvp With Progresive Kits And Active Members!


I make cool skins for cars for gtaV and FiveM it are mostly Cars from the police of Belgium or The Netherlands but can try something else on request

A place to talk about anime and games. There is a dating form as well and I can match you with others. Anyone can join, but keep the age limit below 25. I know you see this... so join! We'll be happy to have you.

new chill and friendly gaming server

Hello, If you like K-Pop then Hope. you like to join our K-pop server.You can meet new people at there who also love K-Pop and Make new friends.

Discord Server to celebrate the Artist / Producer "Wheressk" Meet Artists, Producers, Or Chat with the community. Come Vibe Out!

We're a small, still growing community where you can meet new people with the same interest as you and make new friends! Join this server if you wanna meet chill people and have a blast , featuring cool people supremacy

This server is all about community. It's a space where you can vent, listen to music, talk about games and anime comics. Join my corner and see what it's all about!!

Wilting Leaves is a story-based roleplay server. We allow ocs and canon characters to participate and engage in an immersive world of magic and adventure. So come join us, meet new people and make new friends.

Comunidad de ekrozt, un streamer en crecimiento, con objetivo de ser representante en torneos de brawllhala a nivel competitivo, ven y apoyalo,

We play games and vibe, lots of interesting and unique people to talk to so you can join and play with us on a bunch of interesting games and events that we do. I hope to see you there! <3