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Hi! we're looking for members that can participate in our monthly read-along, our group consists of book discussion, read-along, community gathering, and of course book memes. who knows this is the right place for you, come and find out!

A chill server made simply for discussing anime, manga, games, and history. Also a place to play games especially Genshin Impact and Among Us. This is a safe place for LGBTQ+ and POC.

a server dedicated to everything GHOSTEXE

Genel anlamda rahat takılan, anime-manga dışında neredeyse her şeyin konuşulabildiği normal bir sunucu. Şu aralar üye sıkıntısı çekiyoruz çünkü sayfayı ölü tutmak zorunda kaldık, gelip muhabbete katılırsanız fena olmaz .p

A Selfmade NSFW, Games, Memes & Fun bot from me for everyone.

hiii, this is a fun server dedicated to @SilviaWaifu💗 feel free to join and make some friends ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ all are welcome! ♡︎ there’s a section for just 18+ people to hang out and talk ♡︎ small and friendly community ♡︎ Lots of bots!

Free nudes on this server

join for a chill, active gaming community...

This is A cute Aesthetic server with cute bots and Nice people

18+ Drinking, Gaming, Music and Social Server

A nice server for everything NFT related. We welcome collectors, artists, crypto developers and more!

5-Star BOOSTED TACOSHACK, MewBot, MeowBot, Blackjack, detailed leveling system & much more to come as this is a brand new server!

This a play to hang out chill and talk about your favorite anime there is also a music room and I will keep on working on the server to make it more appealing then now, I will know this server will get better you have my word

The Official Discord Server for the IT for Everybody YT Channel!

An RPG-style medieval Roleplay server. Meet friends game in and out of discord with a roleplay fantasy twist. Fully open to requests and Fully inclusive.

We are a small, growing roleplaying community that promotes imagination, creativity and respectful socialization! Would you like to join us on our Camp journey to honor the Gods?