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Hey, this is an invitation to a highly professional chatroom. This is a server for beginners and professionals, no matter your financial status.

This is a server where you can advertise.

this server is drama free, lgbtq+, race, gender, and interest accepting, and very supportive. having a bad day? join the server and we'll make it better with jokes and advice. click join now and we promise we won't let you down <3

This Server Has A Brilliant Lua Scripter In It That Makes Only The Best Grand Piece Online Scripts

not the best server you can find but at least we tried.

Come to anime and chill a server where you can find Among us anime chats and Cold War and much more

This isnt my server, its not, go away, stop, it isnt, bye bye

Welcome to Protective Patriarchy, a place where men are in charge and women are submissive. This server focuses on two things: promoting the kink of Misogyny while also having discussion areas focused on those learning about the kink.

A Slowly growing completely SFW community

a server used to make friends and have fun :))) also looking to grow a community

This server is about having fun, and talking about anime shows for work! You meet your classmates and teachers, This server is still being setup. If you want to help DM me! ayzriay#5123

Our cute little community!

Hi! Peter Pan's Neverland is an all new 18+ sever for little boys and other masculine littles as well as those taken by or interested in them.

This is a discord where you can come into a fun community and share your work. - A Minecraft building discord! - Share! - Get Help! - Rank up! - Giveaways! Join for a epic experience!

This is the official Pokemon Go Discord of The Ohio State University!

Welcome to our little community of a discord server