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We have several ongoing reading groups on Plato (The Republic), Camus (The Myth of Sisyphus), Nietzsche (Untimely Meditations), Epictetus (The Enchiridion) and Max Stirner (The Unique and Its Own).

a server where talk from gaming to anime to our everyday lifes come join!

Willkommen bei HORIZON! Wir sind ein gamming und Community Server. Wir bieten dir viele Features und viele Giveaways.

The fridge is a discord community made for Content Creators! Come here to gain love and support by showing support! Network with other creators and make awesome friends :)

Kazakhstan Казахстан кз kz

Minecraft Java and bedrock Minigames/SMP Server.

Big discord server

What are we? Well, we are a growing community of Teenagers. This is a community server for other fellow teens to come join and hang and meet new friends!

A multi functional lobby for your lfg needs, currently supporting 17 games and more in future. With bots to provide detailed patch notes and updates on your favourite games and displaying free/discount games on rotation, custom emotes for supported games.

Join us in the Hangsesh! -New themes when milestones are reached -Friendly staff -Fun bots -We are very cool ngl

Hi Guys It’s BigQuiggz here, why don’t you come join our ever growing community on Discord! We talk about all topics lol, we’re an active Discord so don’t be scared to chat we don’t bite lol

⊹₊꒷:crystal_ball:❏ Welcome to Sage! ꒦‧₊˚︰:space_invader:˚₊ ✦ ₊꒷꒦︶︶︶ ୨୧ ︶︶︶꒷꒦ෆ :umbrella2:₊˚⊹ 5% Revamp so things might look weird rn ⌗・—・—・—・⌗

A hangout server made for weird people based on the weirdest creatures; Frogs

We just chill and talk frfr