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A fun social server with many channels and events!

This Sever is about 3 main ocs named the Skater gang.

Hi i am Serlicx aka the owner of 𝕍𝕀𝔹𝔼 ℀𝕂ℕ𝔼, i hope to be able to create a positive community and a chill spot we are a family friendly server and want you to join here are some things about us -we are active -we are family friendly -we do GIVEAWAYS

A great place to hide away and play games with your friends// we have Premium Groovy and Premium Mee6

Nyctophilia is a grunge aesthetic server with many emotes to enjoy. It's Also Safe For Systems And Agere! <3

A fun growing server. Always trying to make new friends!

Discord server dedicated to the r/JustShapesAndBeats & r/JustShapesAndOhNo Subreddit community. Chat about Just Shapes and Beats! Post memes! Converse about bugs! Get to know the community!

High Barbary is an academia server dedicated to reading, writing, STEM, the humanities, and studying but also having fun!

Official Ryan Steptoe Productions Server

The Ales Server is a server for all pokΓ©mon fans! You can have a chat with fellow fans, trade, battle, and we even have our own league! Feel free to have a look!

Freedom. Open chat and a few games

Hotel Craftcentral is a place where you can get together with your friends, or meet new ones, and play in one of our many floors of minecraft minigame VC's! Into our higher floors we have VC's and generals for other games, and streaming and recording room

Your local one-stop school to fix your aesthetically dumb problems.

Oscillation is a Brawlhalla Community for all NA players from different gaming platforms to join, here we help others improve and have fun. We have a wide variety of events, active members to spar, mentors to teach.

Tony's team. This server is for anyone that wants to hangout and subscribe to the youtube channel Tony's team. Also on this server, we have lots of channels for your need -bot games -advice channels -gifs and memes chats

Unofficial VATSIM Club is for beginner-advanced pilots and air traffic controllers. We have group flights, pilot training, ATC training and much more. We also have giveaways and aviation quizzes!