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Undertale Roleplay Community is an Undertale Roleplay Server dedicated to having high quality Roleplay. Unlike other servers which are filled with one-liners, we have high standards for character submissions and Roleplay.

^*Valentine’s Server*^ is an anime and gaming based server. There’s many things to do, and multiple roles to choose to introduce yourself! There are bots that you can use to roleplay and create roleplay relationships with other members of the server!

A discord server for anyone in the ABDL, CG, Little, Middles, Curious and the likes. We have game bots, music bots, we will be doing movie nights and loads of DND sessions, this is a Place for gamers, weebs, and littles alike

Buna! Noi suntem Freak Mind, o comunitate romaneasca de jocuri axata foarte mult pe platforma Discord. Aici am creat un loc placut pentru a va juca cu prietenii si nu numai, aici veti gasi toate stirile si evenimentele despre unele jocuri!

⭐️Smaller SWEETER Server!! ⭐️ CRK4F ✨The server for fans of the game! 🍪 Cookie themed CHAT with other gamers!!

QuVi Boost - New Community for Boosting Service for League of Legends and/or apex legends in the NA server!!! This Community was made so you don't have to suffer in solo/duo queue with AFKs, Inters, Smurfs, And Trolls.

We Drink We Party We Smoke Weed We Show Our Titties E Thots Galore NSFW AFFFFFFFFFFF, xD Straight Baddies Here So If Your Some Creep You Will Be Weaned Out!

If you're looking for someone to play Minecraft or any other kinds of games then this server is suited for you. You can also of course join and chat whilst chilling with the members of the community. Welcome :D

-+-+-**Chill and play Lounge by LifeLongTragedy1**-+-+- **What is "Chill and play Lounge by LifeLongTragedy1"?** Its a server with fun activities and games, where u can also find people to talk to or just listing to music

A small growing discord community, centered around gaming, and community.

Want a higher grade on your essay? Are you looking for a way to procrastinate? Come join Seiji's Study Hall!

Very fun and friendly server! We just chill mostly

Meet community for this growing Deck Builder roguelike game, have a chance to be beta tester and have contact with developer!

We are a community who play a variety of games, with dedicated game channels. We also have bots and a variety of extra things to do.

FaderR Community is a server to chat, have fun, send memes, use bots, and more!

Chill server wit chill people and usually active at most times of the day n night. Play games, e-date, watch anime/movies, and vibe. We are a small server trying to grow a community. You can always plug your socials too. Always joking and having fun.