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Naujas Serveris Kuris Laukia Taves, Tai Kagi Ko Laukiam? Šok į serverį!

Sk/CZ server. Radi vás privítame, sme dobrá a aktívna komunita.

Welcome to the Furry Brothel, a Server with multiple areas of fun, picture sharing, streaming, voice chat and more. We are recruiting members to increase our user base and family. We are and 18+ chat so we request you meet that age requirement.

A growing community for those who are vtubers/streamers as well as just anyone that wants to connect with others! This community is two vtubers that is trying to make a welcoming and fun place for others to join.

Coming from the owner(s) of developer retail Developer retail is a server server where you hire devs for your roblox developer team, we have the following roles scripter, builder, vfx artist, gfx artist and much more.

EU fortnite discord with stacked customs

This is a community server that has fun bots, active members, and so much more! we are trying to reach 1k members so it would mean the world if you could join!

Active, social, games, auto memes, find friends, teens channel, anime discussion, chat games, fun bots, self roles, better emojis, humor, among us, minecraft, photo Exhibition, Creativity Sharing, Self Advertisements, etc

Small community, Lots of fun, find friends, Enjoy yourself!

A place to make new friends and game :D

Game.ly is a PG-13 place where you can have a nice chat with others or play games and just enjoy a good time

With overall cool people and some fun stuff The Peeps is a hangout place to talk about some cool topics and meet new people.

A fun, friendly, community dedicated to worshiping Lil Uzi Vert as a good (a joke don't take it serious). We're a welcoming community so don't be afraid to pop in and say hello! We're small ATM but we have big dreams! Come join us!

hi. i made this server. this is my first server. its pretty cool. we voicechat sometimes. i do porn.

A nice place to hangout

PlayedTIMES este o comunitate de gaming formată dintr-un grup de oameni care împărtăşesc valori comune, interese comune şi au competenţa să le pună în operă. Au un anumit nivel care le permite să obţină pe baza unor valori anumite rezultate cu ajutorul re