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A cool fun community based group, full of fun activities and looking to grow as much as possible! wanna help?

Join the Axolotl Cult for hangout, music, games and activities! (We are not a actual cult-)

This is a community server, but it is also for my YouTube!! This is a server that allows people to have fun! When joining the server you will have to verify in the verify channel, then you will be able to gain access to the server!

🔥 ROBLOX Volleyball 4.2 League! 🔥 __________________________________ 🌈 Register your own team or apply to join one! 🌈 ______________________________________________ 💎 Training Camps, Tournaments, and More! 💎 _________________________________________

Read long desc but yea it's a Nintendo discord server made by Aktan so join

A manchild responsible for many in-game (R6, Minecraft, Brawlhalla) shenanigans and other random things that are just too funny to resist. (I also have Youtube, Instagram, Twitter & Twitch)

Nuestro servidor trata sobre una cafetería basada en la película "El Castillo Ambulante" (también conocido como: "Howl's Moving Castle), donde nuestro propósito es entretener y socializar.

seviyeli saygılı eli yüzü düzgün insanları bekliyoruz. çok ciddi değiliz yeni dostlar arıyoruz. gelin bize katılın iki lafın belini kıralım. sunucuyu birlikte aktif tutalım.

A fun roleplay server needing more members to get off the ground. We promise you a warm welcome and friendly staff!

Levely is an advanced leveling discord bot, allowing Server Owners to fully manage and customize a comprehensive leveling system in their discord guild. Levely has a quick setup with a few easy steps.


Come hang out, play games, or just talk! This is my YouTube fan server and we would love to have you.

We are one of the best advertising servers every made! We have so many emotes and we also have our own Bump Bot!

Welcome to The Hive! very new server and A safe place for people suffering from mental disorders, we hope youll find a home here!