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OctoPump is a bot that automatically scrapes the pumped coin name from Discord/Telegram, buys fast, and sells for a high profit all in a matter of milliseconds!

just a new vibey server

A server for animie gaming and art. With lots of voice channels and text channels. Everyone on the server is very active. Please be between the ages 12 and 18.

Owned by one of the hottest girl. Best chill server. Memes, misfits, girls and more girls.

An RP server based on Azur Lane and Kancolle, choose a warship from the 19th century to the modern day to play as and fight the Abyssals, monsters who seek to destroy humanity.

CMC is a political server based around Conservative media.

Towny time is a brilliant and fun minecraft towny server that has jobs!

Do you like anime, memes, music, art, or games? In this server, you can discuss all of these. We don't discriminate and our Moderators will be at their best. If they are not please DM the owner! We're not very strict about rules but still follow them!

This server is about buying military, expanding your country, and making alliances.

For all fans of marz!

Ello. Join RandomFandom's server! We have a cafe, bots, roleplaying sections, and very cool members!

This discord server is made for Gamers, by Gamers.

Welcome to Lonely Hangout where the lonely people chat & make friends.

We help you grow on Twitch.

hey there cadet! . *   ✦ .  ⁺   . ⁺ ⁺ wanna join an anime, gaming, and manga related server? well this is the perfect place for you! ⚔️ we have vc parties all the time! don’t be afraid to join :) ⚔️ and way more! (keep reading)

🍁・Fall is a Chill community server, that likes to chat. 🎁 • GIVEAWAYS 🎨 • SELF COLOR ROLES 🍁 • CHILL AESTHETIC