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Welcome! we are a fairly chilled back server with different rooms for different topics! we welcome all ages (16+) who are just wanting to have fun and hang out with others!

We're a server that aims to create a platform for people who would like to have a drink or a toke, and are looking for others doing the same.

The Among Us Network is a welcoming server for all ages to meet others that play Among Us! We are a rapidly growing community with active voice channels, friendly mods, and an emphasis on maintaining a positive environment for all players!

A newly made crime family, currently looking for Capo's and other high ranks.

5TB's of OnlyFans Leans.

Hello! This server is all about helping you with your homework and has an amazing community alongside it. Simple idea but never hurts to join if you need help in the future or just want a place to talk. :slight_smile:

A cool place to meet and game with new people.

A gaming server for just switch games.

Hello! Welcome to Multiversal Supernova! Come Join Our Multi-Game Community! We offer a CS:GO and Tekxit 3 Servers and are continuously expanding. We are excited for anyone to come and join us!

Our main premise is to help struggling students and individuals complete their essays and assignments on time and receive the best grade possible.

Kitten's Corner is an 18+ community where you are encouraged to be yourself! You're more than welcome to join and interact in both our nsfw and sfw sections of our server! Please keep in mind that as we are 18+ server we require ID verification for entry.

Join this server if you’re cool 😎

β”β”β”β”β”β€’β…β€’Β°β€’βˆβ€’Β°β€’β…β€’β”β”β”β”β”“ ❍ Welcome ❍ β”—β”β”β”β”β€’β…β€’Β°β€’βˆβ€’Β°β€’β…β€’β”β”β”β”β”› βœ­π“π“Έπ“»π“½π“± 𝓒𝓽π“ͺπ“»βœ­ is all about hanging out, making new friends, Sharing music, memes, movies and playing games.

ExonicMC - a brand new prison server! Come hang out and play! Friendly community

A chill and fun place to stay at. We are a gaming community as well with people playing lots of different games and also vc and have fun