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Basic community server where: ¬ you won't get accused for sexual harassment if you make a simple joke (lol). ¬ 14 year old girls can't cancel you since gigachads are always there for you (written by one). ¬ you're sexy [depends (doesn't)].

VibeZone. Just good vibez (come join a growing streaming community and make friends) This is a discord for all streamers and content creators looking to make new friends and grow there influence in a growing and rewarding community.

If you want to chat with other Filipinos. Filipinos and Half Filipinos are only allowed in this server, if we ever find out you're not one of us. You'd automatically be banned

Comunidad de Videojuegos Mobile, enfocada principalmente en el videojuego de Supercell, Brawl Stars.

Helloo and Welcc to friends! We are Aesthetic and fully sfw! Join us now!

just a small community of artist

This is server is dedicated to all Bobby Brix fans and LEGO Fans! We talk about LEGO, custom creations (MOCs), sets, videos and so much more! Come join us!

Are you tried of solo-queuing? Are you looking for a place to hang out? Usually when I join apex servers, they are inactive. So, I decided to start a new one; a new safe place for all types of gamers to get together and talk

Connecting and expanding the DMM community.

A community server based on the world's most famous sport football/soccer ⚽️.

Somos uma comunidade brasileira focada em games, bate-papo e em diversos outros sistemas únicos, todos pensados para trazer alegria e diversão para nossos queridos membros. 🍪 - Entre agora mesmo!

This is a Christian Minecraft server with a spice of toxicity and bootleg busters. This is a dating/hookups/gaming server. If you think this will be a fit for you, we welcome you with open arms! We have give-aways and many events to happen!

Very fun and friendly server! We just chill mostly

Für jeden der zocken, Spaß haben, sich mit anderen zu unterhalten, einer netten Community joinen oder einfach chillen und Musik hören möchte ist dieser Discord Server genau das Richtige!

^*Valentine’s Server*^ is an anime and gaming based server. There’s many things to do, and multiple roles to choose to introduce yourself! There are bots that you can use to roleplay and create roleplay relationships with other members of the server!

QuVi Boost - New Community for Boosting Service for League of Legends and/or apex legends in the NA server!!! This Community was made so you don't have to suffer in solo/duo queue with AFKs, Inters, Smurfs, And Trolls.