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Welcome to Eternities Roleplay™! Where we strive for Realism and Professionalism.

Join us if u want to make some free money with trading over 95% hitratio!

Here you can discuss the game Nordicandia, ask for help, and get in touch with the developers!

Two TUTORIALs per week. we also try to have one podcast each week about a topic. science, music, games, programming, mechatronic, books, chill-out, art, news, ...

Helloo and Welcc to friends! We are Aesthetic and fully sfw! Join us now!

»» We are a chill, laid back community mostly centered around playing D&D5e in a scheduled, structured manner.

Sur ce serveur, tu retrouvera des Bros dotés d'une Super Sympathie Légendaire ! Pour créer des liens dépassant ceux de simple teammate. Respect et bonne humeur au rendez-vous !

Hey there and welcome to The Kingdom! Although we're small now, we hope to grow and build an awesome community. We're a welcoming place to all and want to help people make new friends.

Come join Waifu Hangout and help us grow! We are friendly and welcoming to all people. We will be hosting giveaways, events, and more!

This is a server where we dont care about your feelings, or your pronouns or none of that

-We Provide Homework help, System Bots, Venting and Many Channels for different subjects. -LGBTQ Friendly -System/Plural Friendly -We take suggestions, Feel free to pop in and share some. Everyone is Welcome!

JOIN BADLANDS! Why? Because we are a chill, relaxed server focused on games and just talking with each other! ACTIVE NIGHT COMMUNITY! We also have Reaction Roles, Twitch Streamer Advertising, Music channels and bot, Minecraft server, and more! Join today

Welcome to our lil cozy place. We are only here for chill vibes, playing video games and sometimes watching movies together. come vibe with us.

BobbersLand is a Discord server revolving around the Roblox game called Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA).

We are a slow growing server. We need some kind and chill vibe members.

Friendly new community discord server based around loli/lolicon