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mental health is a discord server for people who struggle with their mental health. Channels for every disorder as well as channels to make friends, play games, vent and a hotline. find people who understand you and have fun.

It’s a very chill/vibe server if I might say so myself, Hope you enjoy your time in Serena’s luncheonette!

Go Join Space Server Community !

Just a chill fresh server. We need more people to join so it can be effective so we'll appreciate anyone that does join. Chill adnt alk about anime, play various games and meet new people. Most importantly, have fun.

The best server for Stock trading

If you like games, We have all sorts of game bots from RPG to Trivia to Cards Against Humanity. We also have our own Public SMP, Aswell as movie nights! Atleast give us a try!

This is my community server where I'm able to connect and stay in contact with everyone. From fellow gamers to just my viewers, I love connecting and getting to know people. Come join my server and grow with me!

Discussions about the stock market, cryptocurrency, long term investments, day trading, options, real estate. More advanced topics such as mathematical finance, behavioral finance and macroeconomics are also encouraged.

A community based server for Old School Hip-Hop. We play games and chat, talk about og rappers as well as new ones, and will be having events, broadcasts and public music events. Our server is perfect for go-to usage.

we make games, and stuff... join and your username will appear in our game credits!

A fantasy roleplay server, created for the intent of character development/character interactions. Unique storyline and lore included!

its just a place to calm down, got in a fight? come here, talk, listen to music, and have fun!

Friendly community based server. Games we love are Fortnite, Among US, Tanki Online and Few games by supercell such as Clash Royale and Brawl Stars Roles are earned by being active in server!, we own different chats, just get along and enjoy!

Hi this is our new server please join it has giveawayes etc and mare join to know

Looking for new members Rp

This Project is like a Dream for us. Basically we want a Gaming Eco Syste in India. And for that we organise Elite Scrims of Almost Every Mobile Game. Like CODM ,PUBG MOBILE,Clash Royal,StandOff2 and few PC games too like VALORANT.