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Brand new server with: ⁀➷ various gaming channels! ⁀➷ minecraft java server applications! ⁀➷ homework support! ⁀➷ study rooms! ⁀➷ frequent events! ⁀➷ cards against humanity! ⁀➷ among us! ⁀➷ friendly staff! ⁀➷ moderator & staff applications!

just a spot to come vibe. literally join and do nothing idc. fuck yeah

hey everybody let me tell you why you should join my small server... because i said so need i say more?

furry space is my and my friends project of making a safe place for furries, weebs, lgbtq and other people

hello and welcome to the beautiful world of Pokémon! i'm Professor Turb and i wil lead you to an other place than only Myuu's adventure, youre going to a place called... Champions Road!

A competitive community for the game Team Sonic Racing! Join for some casual Sonic discussions and some competitive fun.

Hello everyone! I am looking for active people to talk and keep my server going! This server is for kpop fans and kdrama fans so if you are either one of those, then come join us!

renegadebot is the suppor server for the bot renegadebot

gaming roblox roblox roblox

Game industry professionals (and their partners and friends) coming together to play DnD and other RP online. No job titles, no company names, no business talk. Just gaming.

In this server, you can play with fun bots, talk to new people, listen to music, and more! It is centered around the Dank Memer bot, but has other cool bots too, and you can suggest them in our suggestions channel.

We are csgo community server(buying, reselling and trading csgo skins). And also every month we are giving away. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wannanass-678253586123857/ - verify trades -active admin team

A community of Startup founders, Project owners & Early adopters. For project sharing, networking and collaboration. If you have your own project and want to share it with others in order to get some feedback, beta users, early adopters and followers

Esmeree's and other artists NSFW(and SFW) art! (18+)