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Welcome to Bonfire in this server you can meet new people to spend time with. At Bonfire, we have activities like rpg, counting, and qotd.

A server with a very wholesome and active community! we are also installing a minecraft server soon so y can play with your new friends.The server is pretty small, so you wont get overwhelmed with the amount of people.We welcome you and hope you have fun!

A place to just chat and have fun, request custom emotes, do a little bit of trolling.

Are you interested in NES Tetris? If yes, this server would be something for you 💎 It is a server with lots of interesting statistics, roles, emojis, channels, and cool members! Feel free to join! 🙋🏻‍♂️

This server is all about gaming and hanging out with your fellow friends, and making friends along the way!

we make games, and stuff... join and your username will appear in our game credits!

melonDS Unofficial Emulation Discord Server

its just a place to calm down, got in a fight? come here, talk, listen to music, and have fun!

Willkommen auf dem offiziellen Techgarage Discord Server.

Hello, Welcome to the official server advertisement for Vibe Central our server recently got raided so we are slowly reviving the Server Backup. The server use to be a YouTube hangout but then the original owner tried to scam me for fixing everything up s

This server will contain updates about our game "Chill City" in Roblox. In the future, we will make more games and change the server to our games server. We may also turn the server where all Roblox Developers meet.

Welcome! We are an MCPE server, provided with the most unique and best experience possible.

A fun historical role-play of gangsters based in the 1930s.

☭ Communist Utopia ☭ Struggle against the authoritarian police state of Uganda under an alternate-history in which the infamous Idi Amin maintains his dictatorship amid his triumphant victory in the Uganda-Tanzania war.

EchoStorm was started on June 2nd of 2017 out of the proverbial ashes of two other gaming communities. We are a laid back community whose goal is to provide a place to socialize and have fun. We currently host a number of servers, and can host more.

I am a trusted mod menu seller, I have plenty of vouches in my server to prove that just come stop by I also have an open chat for everyone to be able to talk in!