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Hello! This is currently an Attack on titan themed server. We mainly talk about Aot, but also welcome fans of other animes/mangas :)

The core of in depth Roblox RP's, soon to be bustling with players TuckCity, is a Private server of Liberty County. You RP what You want! Join us today using code: AKkRb (ingame) The choice is yours with Tuck City!

Stardust, the coolest server this side of the equator. -kinnie, endo, and mogai friendly. - verification system to avoid raids - cool bots, roles, and channels - we're all friendly here!

Its a server for my YT. Anyone can join here! We have a ton of bots to play with.

Hey you, I see you reading this. Don't just read this and skip past, come see what we're all about! With separate areas for ERP and OOC discussion, we're totally accepting of everyone. And try to keep it non-toxic.

This is a group chat, for anime people to chill and talk to other anime people

Hi there, I'd love to invite everyone to my server that's made for all types of fandoms and gives you the opportunity to make friends who share similar interests!

Are you a fan of Darling in the Franxx? Are you wondering about other people that do the same? Or are you just want to raid Arsenal as ace pilots 🀣? Well, this server is for you!

This server is a zombies community we sell chea-p nd trusted zombies services such as max weapon xp and modded xp join server for prices and more info

hi! im jen and welcome to the jenchii cult! this server is full of dumbasses who play games together and have fun! we are very welcoming and we try our best to make people feel included:o<3

Gaming server for all those interested in gaming, youtube, streaming, community, and making friends.

Hey yall. This is a Gaming and Youtube oriented server. We like to welcome people from anywhere and get in contact. If youre interested for special and high ranked roles please make sure to check us out.

a very friendly server with nice chill people

Cute and aesthetic virtual diner server! Meet new friends and have fun!

Politiseum is an eclectic server with an increased emphasis on politics, philosophy, history and the various disciplines of the humanities.

Great animal crossing server_.