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The Refuge is an 18+ community of gamers and nerds with a bit of a naughty side. It's a safe space for like-minded individuals to hang out and be themselves with no fear of judgement, harassment, shaming, Etc. A refuge from the toxicity of the internet.

you should join my server.

Join only if you got them dank memes!

This is a community to chat with people.

Just a server for people who play genshin to join and hang out! Find other people to play with and talk to!

👾We are creating a story. We are building a universe. We are everywhere...

An Advertising Server That You Must Join

Hello! This is a server where you can hangout with your fellow cookie run kingdom fans! Please join if interested!

A place to hang out, voice chat, join events and more... Also, there are gaming channels to talk about games. People can post funny memes too!. You should check this out!

The Diamond Hands Hotel is a NFT members-only (holders) club for influencers, creators and celebrities with a built-in marketplace. Get presale access to influencer drops and a lifetime of benefits.

・Willkommen in der Beschreibung ₊˚ ୨୧ ・Hier erwartet dich eine liebe volle Community ・Discord Games mit abwechslung ・Ein eigener Minecraft Server ・Cutes Serverdesign & Geile Banner/Logo ・Farbrollen mit geschmack ^^

If you are a Marvel or DC Fan. If you enjoy games and like to socialise and make new friends. And top of that, if you like to have fun and share some smiles. The place is best suited for you. Lot of self-roles to choose out of your preference.

►*What's Flexツ server? ~Flexツ is a Gaming Community where you can meet New People, Get to know them and play games with them

A great server for fun and anime fans! Different channel for different category anime chat.Quiz and Poll everyday.Answer to quiz and earn points.A custom game made by me.Share many things.Listen to music together with your friends.More description below.

GTA RP Server Semi Serious RP Gangs Drugs Active Police And Staff E-Girl Friendly Streamer Friendly