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In this server you can find other people to chat with or to play with.

A subscriber server for subscribers to enjoy and chill and have fun

A server for fat and inflation aswell as for furries

We would like to invite new active members to our writing community founded in 2015! Shut Up and Write is a community of writers where creativity can be expressed without any judgement or restrictions.

Creating RPGs and VNs, distributed to this server only, free! We are a non-profit group raising awareness about overpriced entertainment and fleeceware, and we can help you out with free entertainment! Join today and inquire within!

We accept everyone as long as you're nice and won't break our rules <3 A server for people who love Gaming & cats or just want to have some nice people to talk to In need of: ╭ ┈‧₊˚ʚ꒷𓏲 ┊ ・Active members for our community ╰ ┈ ꒱ ⊹ ˚


✮ looking for friends? A place where people won't judge you? In Weebs Kingdom is everyone welcome! It's not only for weebs, its for everyone who just needs a place to be themself and wants to have fun ✮

Welcome to my server! It’s mainly for animal jam but everyone is welcome! We do giveaways for animal jam!

Were just a bunch of friends in a server i created im trying to grow it so if you like fun just join im almost active all the time

>| Are you looking for a place to just hang-out and meet other people? This is definitely the place for you O-O >| We are a server that welcomes everyone! Our main goal is to bring people together in a comfy space to just chillax~

a small server for a lot of people

Join me and my friend’s new discord server! We are in need of people. We love to chat and overall mess around with each other. Come join to have a great time. Don’t worry we aren’t mean. :))