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Ćaskaonica discord server je namenjen za opoznavanje i druzenje.

Do you play League of Legends? Do you main a Freljord champion and into Freljord lore? Then this is the server for you! Anivia, Ashe, Lissandra,Nunu, Olaf, Sejuani, Trundle, Tryndamere, Udyr and Volibear mains all welcome!

Hey, unser Server besteht aus einer Aktiven Community und leuten die nett und freunldich zu jedem neuen sind. Überzeugt euch selbst und schaut mal vorbei ;D Hoffe Ihr fühlt euch wohl

If you like Trance and Techno, then this server is for you, I'm considering adding extra channels for production talks, tips, feedbacks, etc..

A server for people to game and chill, make friends of all gaming types to play with.

Introducing a chill vibe server with its unique rice field theme! A fun community for everyone with different interests and tastes. Get to know others by chatting with active members and staff about almost anything.

This is a "peaceful" server for just anyone who wants to vibe.

This is a good aesthetic server to chill! , Join and have fun with other members! Dont mind the member count, only if you join , we will be a big community!

The best sports server on discord

Welcome to Vibe Place! This server is all about Vibe, music and fun.

This is an 18+ Casual Chat discord, make friends, play games, streamers welcome. If you're new to discord or looking for a discord to meet people and have no obligation to participate. We have DDLG members, 'Normies', Workaholics, and everyday Trolls.

Do anything you want, Hang out, School, Gaming, Music, Movies, Culinary and more!!

we are a group of people looking for some wholesome members

ULTIMATE Gaming network for viewers and streamers as we offer entertainment channels, competitions, FREE GIVEAWAYS and more for all our viewers and fans but also for our streamers we offer a sponsorship programme to help your grow your community!

Seja bem vindo ao Discord Oficial do Tarkov Brasil, nosso objetivo é fazer a maior comunidade brasileira de Tarkov, em um local só, com informações atualizadas e jogadores dispostos a jogarem e outros dispostos a te ensinar o jogo, os Sherpas!

The best server for Aviation and Flight Simulator enthusiasts to hang out!