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Welcome to Just Advertising Are you struggling growing your new server, finding staff or looking for other servers to partner with? You can also promote your yt, social media and more!!

The best sports server on discord

Hai! Welcome to a Creepypasta Hangout/RP! We have chat stuff, roleplay stuff, stuff thats kinda in between, and since this is a baby server we have every creepypasta open except Ticci Toby because... I is da Toby. Spread da word and see ya there!

»»————- 🐝 ————-«« Welcome to Rainbows For Days. We are an LGBTQ+ support system server! We offer things like: ➳Friendly Staff ➳Support System ➳Many fun channels + bots ➳A growing community ➳A friendly community and many other things!

In this server you can find other people to chat with or to play with.

AVIA! is an animated, slice of life mini-series, following a group of friends with their mental and physical struggles with adulthood! Join our server to support us and spread the word!

Want to come make friends, hang out and chill? Thunder's Café is all about making people feel welcomed, conversing with everyone, and having fun!

Welcome to Sweetener, a Ariana Grande server providing its members a chance to get to know each other along with many other great features!

꧁A new server with the goal of making actual friends and chatting.꧂

We are a community that likes to talk crypto, forex, futures, stocks, indices trading! We offer trading algo indicator package that helps you win trades! ChartZip contains a host of indicators into one comprehensive package.

。゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。Soulmates ╾━╤デ╦︻  ゚・。・

Welcome to my server! It’s mainly for animal jam but everyone is welcome! We do giveaways for animal jam!

This server for everyone that feels stupid but is actually intelligent. Basically for depressed f*cks that want some entertainment or just crazy idiots. This server is ruled by weebs! I often get offended by peoples opinions so sry if I kick u randomly!

A subscriber server for subscribers to enjoy and chill and have fun

We accept everyone as long as you're nice and won't break our rules <3 A server for people who love Gaming & cats or just want to have some nice people to talk to In need of: ╭ ┈‧₊˚ʚ꒷𓏲 ┊ ・Active members for our community ╰ ┈ ꒱ ⊹ ˚