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🥇 Free Giveaways & Events | Social Anime Community | Self promotion | ton of Emojis | Fun Games | Bots | Make Friends | Chill | Memes | Active | Support

🤍 A cute and friendly hangout server 🤍 Custom emotes 🤍 Active chats to meet new friends 🤍 Fun bots, contests and plenty of entertainment channels 🤍 Dank Memer based

『 Tendō 』is a fairly small community based around being social and playing video games. There is no specific topic set for the server but we are always looking for active members that are wanting to join the community.

A leftist creative community with some of the friendliest nerds and weirdos on this planet.

Join our server, to communicate with people, and have fun.

Free Advertising + Paid Advertising Cheap ads Free Nitro Giveaways New server + Hiring Staff / Partnership managers and advertising team join now to advertise all over the world

This is an automotive discord! Here we talk about cars in game, or in real life.

👋Hi! This is the official Mage & Bandit Discord Server! Here you will find an awesome community of 🎮gamers, 📸influencers and much more! ➕ 1. ✨level up✨ roles 2. Tons of ✅Reaction roles 3. Tons of 💬Text Channels to fit all your chatting needs! 4. ➕!

🔴 LHub/LeakingHub - FiveM Leaks - Discord server with FiveM leaks. 👀What you can find? 👨‍💻LEAKED: 📛- Anticheats 👾- Full Server Leak 🧾- Scripts 🚘- Vehicles 🏡- Maps 💻- HUD's 👔- EUP's/Clothes 🔮 - Gabz Maps 💿- Loading Screens 👑- ESX Leaks And m

★ a server for anime + socializing ┆◈ active chats + moderators ┆❤ safe place for weebs & LGBTQ+┆✧ join now !

just a small community of artist

LGBTQIA+ Valorant is a place for girls, gays, theys, and allies to hang out and play a fun game in a comfortable environment!

꒰ welcome to cosmo ꒱ + a SFW cute aesthetic server! + welcoming community + many self roles and boost perks ☆ join us now at discord.gg/cosmo ☆

Cheetos provides a calm community vibe that you can meet new people.

Welcome to Affinity! We have an active chat and a friendly community that's always growing! Affinity is an inclusive 18+ social/gaming/streaming community with public Minecraft/Pixelmon servers, a WoW guild, premium bots, and occasional giveaways!

Basic community server where: ¬ you won't get accused for sexual harassment if you make a simple joke (lol). ¬ 14 year old girls can't cancel you since gigachads are always there for you (written by one). ¬ you're sexy [depends (doesn't)].