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Welcome to a fun place to play with people and talk about anime

This community is for streamers who want to grow, for streamers that want help others grow, and for streamers who want to mentor others. I decided to create a community that was built on helping one another in the streaming industry.

A place where you communicate with people.

HOWDY!!! Welcome to The Peanut Gallery, a western themed server with friendly members that does Game Nights, Movie Nights and Anime Nights.

Better Twitch TV Emotes ✔️ FrankerfaceZ Emotes ✔️ Twitch Standard Emotes ✔️

━━» Chill Weeb Community for all ━━» 300+ Member Count & Growing! ━━» Lots of Self Roles & Economy Game Bots, including Dank Memer, Karuta, and Mudae! ━━» Make new friends, we are all very welcoming here!

Looking for a fancy place to advertise your Discord Server? Channels for finding Discord servers to join! Channels for advertising your Discord Server! Clean and Elegant Discord Advertising Server!

Just chatting and making friends <3

The Dark End Studios Discord Server is a place for members all throughout the gaming community to gather. Most of us are more technically minded so it's a great place to dissect games of the current era and talk about what makes them tick!

A place to hangout and chill.

Hi! Welcome to Rare Disease Buddies! We’re a brand new, trans-owned, 16+ server here to connect those living with rare diseases and/or any type of disability!

The best K-Pop Server which welcomes all K-Pop fans and singers alike with Karaoke events and especially, giveaways!

Cheetos provides a calm community vibe that you can meet new people.

The Island of the Lost (IOTL) is a roleplaying community based loosely off of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series of video games! Having originated on Google Plus in 2018, we have since moved to Discord and remain a friendly place to roleplay and chat!

Do you want to be in a server with cute emojis and be able to talk/meet new people? If so, join tomorrow! Our list of cute and great emojis goes on. We also listen to our members. Everyone is welcomed. 🤍