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dark humor server, come join kitten we have egirls n eboys ;)) * dont fucking report if u dont like what we post just leave

Here you can find pro player for party or boosting for you account/

A discord server offering multiple diverse discussion channels with the purpose of gaming, game discussion, team finding, and other leisure.

18+ server for people who wanna make friends and play games

'Kiss the homies goodnight' is a light-hearted hangout server to simply chill, joke around and make new friends! We're very welcoming and would love to have you here! Read our long description for more info :)

This is a server dedicated to Rigël Theatre. We wish to grow the community of this great music group. Come hang out and have some fun, the server is still very young and we appreciate everyone who joins! Hope to see you soon!

20 Skills. 2 Talents. 2 Weak Spots. Can you survive Nuclear Winter?

Join here to just have fun! Play some games, some music or just talk with some new friends!

Det her er en server for Danskere som bare leder efter nogen at skrive og Hygge med! Man kan også hoppe ind på nogle spil og hygge der inde :O

Server just for free games and %100 Discounts ! ! !

We are a small nation, dedicated to providing you with fun and strategic games, as well as streaming your favorite animes. As of now, our community is very much new, so we are open to new ideas and advice from anyone.

We are a Pokémon Go server that just wants to provide a place for everyone to connect and enjoy themselves. Come and hang out, get to know others with similar interests & most importantly..have fun.

NFSTR | Türkiye'nin En Büyük Need for Speed Platformu

Yo! This is essentially a weeb server~! It’s mostly about BNHA, but you can really talk about anything! It’s a safe growing community that loves everyone! We have active admins and a spot to RP! So don’t be afraid to join the chaos >:3

Hi there! A fun friendly community server, where you can play with your friends, watch movies and just hang out! Come join us!

Community Discord for the mobile game Craft Legend: Epic Adventure.