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A server for fat and inflation aswell as for furries

This is an rp server based of kengan Ashura that uses ufc 4 to bring our oc’s to life and have them fight. You become a ceo with your own fighter in the association and try to climb your way to the top. Overall It’s a lot of fun so come on and join us.

we're a friendly and welcoming server. semi-active members and active VCs and many events on daily basis.

Royal Dukes Legacy, is an elite dressage club located on the British server, Unicorn Forest.

We would like to invite new active members to our writing community founded in 2015! Shut Up and Write is a community of writers where creativity can be expressed without any judgement or restrictions.

Please don't join the server if you aren't going to talk in it at all. We want new members, but not ones that won't ever talk in chat. Do keep that in mind.

✮ looking for friends? A place where people won't judge you? In Weebs Kingdom is everyone welcome! It's not only for weebs, its for everyone who just needs a place to be themself and wants to have fun ✮


You should join now if you want fun! 😀JOIN NOW!😁 ➡We have good moderators! ➡Good bots! ➡Good ranking! ➡Tons of voice and chatting channels! 😃Please join we need members!😃

At HappyCave we have a lot of funny/useful bots, good server config, roles a Minecraft SMP, and a nice community to play with!

Were just a bunch of friends in a server i created im trying to grow it so if you like fun just join im almost active all the time

A place where questions that involve swimming pools are answered and problems are solved.

Primarily Roblox developer based hiring server but all devs are welcome. Plenty of status roles to choose from, friendly staff, active marketplace system as well as some exciting upcoming bot features and more!

🔞 18+ Verification Required. 😈 Linked to an active Fetlife group. 🌯 Tons of roles to choose from. 🏆 Chat based level and DJ systems. 💈 RP channels available.

We talk about everything. We play games together or even host events for games! Our Minecraft server is also in work right now. We always love to help people.