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u wanna waste ur fkn Time with TOXIC People?, JOIN US TO discuss CRINGE Topics that make u feel LIKE a SCORPION BITE.

[German Gaming Discord & Deutscher Gaming Discord]

Welcome to Dead Idiots, a server revolved around gaming and making friends! stream games, show your art, talk to like-minded induvials and more!

Once active server looking for active members!!

we are a chill out server meet new people have fun

We stream anime every other day. We watch seasons together or movies depending what wins the poll Anime Streaming has a custom Waifu bot, it's still in the beta so if you have any issues please let us know.

-nitro -in-server games -activity -robux -multiple giveaways -sfw -all ages above 13 -FUNNY AS HELL community come join tptte today!

Welcome to 999X -come and hangout -im often online so if you need anything ill gladly help -feel free to join at anytime. all are welcome -mainly juice wrld stuff such as leaks and unreleased music.

A fun server that wont ban you for dumb reasons! 18+ This server is not for sensitive people! Lots of self roles, awesome emotes, fun people to chat with! Plenty of channels for all kinds of fun.

A Games Community on Discord!

Server Community per Streamer e Gamer! -Crea un gruppo competitivo dalle chat apposite del server! -Canali Vocali per comunicare con il tuo team! -Chat per condividere i tuoi Social! -Bot Musica Nuove funzioni presto disponibili! Ti aspectiamo!

The Jacket Club is a masturbation social club. We are a friendly place where people can socialize in a masturbation positive environment, all good vibes, no negativity, no labels, just fun. Let's normalize social masturbation!

chill server for people ages 17-25. mostly college students who like to study together, chill, and make friends. a close knit smol community looking for some more friends. super wholesome.

Social Server. Under construction...

A shit hole. Includes nsfw concepts.

Community server for Game Builder Garage!