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Just a small dating/gaming and anime server,under construction cuz it's pretty dead but if you join,we'll make sure we'll make it alive,believe me,it's gonna be one of the best servers there is in a bit of time!

Welcome to the Goldduck Admin Server, the official server of the Goldduck Admin channel on youtube.

Looking to chill and play some FPS games with some friends. This is the place for you. Were looking to start a community based on teamwork and communication. Promote your streams. Get game updates. Grow with us from the beginning.

MAI discord server


A group of gamers were you can always find people to chill with play with and have someone to talk to!

Just a general server for chatting, memes, ranting, and making new friends.

Just a server to chill, dont be racist or stupid and you will fit right in, this server is mostly just to prove that youtubers aren't ones who can have massive servers.

A server For Rainbow 6 Fortnite League of legends and way more games coming at your request the server is meant to be a balanced place with no abuse of mod and be a great place to play games and hang around and chat. Only accepting 50 people Right now

A fun roleplay server needing more members to get off the ground. We promise you a warm welcome and friendly staff!

Enjoy the hangout of gamers!

Game Community server for all players! There you can find a game news, giveaways and teammates to play to. --------------------------- Сервер игрового сообщества для всех игроков! Здесь вы найдете игровые новости, раздачи и напарников для игры.

🇳🇱🎊 Planeet Autistia is de gezelligste discord server van heel Nederlands, Join snel en wees ook gezellig

We are rlly cool we talk about fnaf and we play among us and it's just a really nice server

Kirby's Farlands is a misc. Discord server, which means almost any topic is allowed, such as anime, gaming, YouTube, etc.

Take a seat, kick up your feet. Have a drink, a smoke, roll it up if you like and welcome to the Music Sharing room. Cheers!

Just a basic server with a few bots that's useful to meet other people and hang out