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this server is for everyone willing to learn and have FUN most peeps from balkan and around join us have fun and knowledge

A fan made english community for other fans of the korean otome mobile game [LoveUnholyc]. Feel free to join in for more content such as game facts, full walkthroughs, tips and tricks.

Quar Gen Account Generator, Spotify, Crunchyroll, Netflix, NordVPN and more!

Bist du verrückt drauf? Dann bist du hier genau richtig. Wir wollen spaß, spaß und noch mehr spaß, komplett ernst sein ist so garnicht unser ding, außer es handelt sich wirklich um etwas ernstes. 😋

Welcome to The Naughty Corner! A place that welcomes people of all race, gender, and identities, we have a wide selection of channels dedicated to sharing memes, chilling out in VC, and even sharing nudes and suggestive photos of yourself.

An RP Server set in a Zombie Apocalypse, has an ongoing narrative as well as a lot of quirks to be different to other RP Servers but also to spice things up

Just trying to make a community for people


IVX Chats is a community based server that started out with just me and da bois but its grown significantly. Please join this server if you like hatting or if you are seeing this, just give it a try.

A community of all levels of photographers

To kick things off until January 1st, 2021 we have HUGE giveaways running EVERY DAY → THOUSANDS of NMT’s | TENS OF MILLIONS in BELLS | CUSTOM INVENTORIES of ACNH items| 30+ FAST PASSES TO RAIDS → FREE BOXES OF Pokemon & SWSH ITEMS OF YOUR CHOOSING

A place to share memes, get ideas for stuff, chat with people, and find friends. We are primarily a gaming server.

this is just a server to meet new people and have fun its a small server but will grow as we go on, i plan on doing game nights a weeky calls ect. please join im desperate

Want to learn about various psychological theories? Just want a place to debate and use fun bots? EnneaGram is certainly the place for you! With active staff and a dedicated community, nothing more could be sought out for.

So you are scrolling through Servers looking for a totally fun, welcoming community of people, toxic- but not too toxic, meme filled, zoomer, boomer, e slags, epic gamers galore? Join Secrets. You wont regret it

We are a brand new server looking for more people to join and build a community as a whole. The server is mainly for chatting and voice chatting whenever the users have the time and leisure for it. There will be Japanese / Korean tutoring sessions coming