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This was made for my Youtube channel, but is also a place to converse and meet new people.

Come and chill in a endless hangout place

new wadbot server

Small but active community - Chill & Laid back people - We mostly focus on Gaming & In genral talks -Boosted -Chill -Streamer Tips -Graphic Design Tips -Active -Friendly people -Much more!!

16+ pls no offense to little people

Hi Lovlies! Gamerina is a community gaming server and we have all platforms that are welcome here! Xbox, PC, Playstation and more! We have lovely channels and a wonderful new and small community! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Just a chill hangout server, good server to make friends n shi.

Join the Demon Community Its fun friendly its low members now so join now for free rank giveaways

We aim to make the most interactive server on Discord, we have tribe roles/tribe abilities, also circles like the IceWings if you think we need anything else we have a suggestions channel, don't worry we do have roleplaying

For Joobebes And Monbebes

Rocket league Hub A place for rocket league’s community :D

Discord server for the rpp/obby game YSoD.

Hello and Welcome to FREST, Meet others and make friends, Self Rules | Selfies | Levelling, The server is new so we probably forgot to add a lot of stuff, Treat people the same as they treat you, MUST BE 13+ !!