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Tesco®️ is a community where you can interact with other members and have fun times. We are divided into different sections from Lumber Tycoon 2 to Minecraft, and we also have a Minecraft public server.

Cum to my server if you feel like ranting or want to just your know, talk about your day. We also have some nsfw channels that you can play with! Also, please be friends with me when you join, I'm hot I promise.

This new server is for people prepping for IT cert exams.

Welcome to this server! This is more than just a community chat. You can share art, make friends, play games, etc! Glad to have you!

Team Radio is a gaming clan which is accepting members to join the clan.

Hey there do you want to join a cool server with no bullying? a bunch of bots and many stuff to do? well swaggers is a perfect place for that I will be adding more stuff in the future! :-)

Piggy battles, meeting new people, playing games with other player, This is a youtubers server!

Join our wonderful server! We accept Hazbin, Helluva and Zoophobia characters as well as OCs! We are active practically 24/7 and have a dedicated community. Join us!!!

Quantcast SMP is a fun community SMP server. We are 100% Vanilla Minecraft with a few data packs to enhance the user's experience.

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This a gaming clan for those who play fortnite. People that wants to join needs to be a good fortntite player and ill be the judge of that by 1v1ing in boxfights, zonewars and bhe build fights This is a new clan that has been created.

Politiseum is an eclectic server with an increased emphasis on politics, philosophy, history and the various disciplines of the humanities.