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•Community Italiana •Molte stanze per vari giochi •Community attiva •Staff amichevole •Nessun cheater Stiamo organizzando vari giveaway di rocket league, molto presto anche uno in cui regaliamo la fennec!!

hello! welcome to Fairy Town, where you can chat with friends! we’re one whole big family, so feel free to stay and get comfortable. we offer 24/7 free hugs and support if you’re in need of anything!

Welcome to Temmie Village, an Undertale appreciation Discord server!

Hi Everyone. This server is dedicated to gaming and to chill In this Server you can find many people to play with and play games listed in this Server. Otherwhise you can just join and make new friendships For any issues in the server, feel free to DM

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Come join the OffiCial Clan Server where you can meet new players to play games with and more!

This is a server where you can find different designs to improve your profile on discord! We also have a friendly community and a bunch of bots!

★ Friendly community ★ Chat and meet new people ★ Play Nintendo games with others ★ Share your art ★ Have a good time!

Ten serwer został stworzony do grania w Minecraft, Roblox, Among Us itp.

a whole community for chill people , if you want cool people to play / spend good times with you definitely join us !

This is a small server with a nice community of people. Come hang out, make friends, and play video games.

Hello A lot of people have been getting into stocks lately with all the crazy GME and AMC moves. Here’s a discord channel for people that wanna take it to a new level and dive deeper into the market and have discussions about stock/market related stuff .

A server for North Africans! ➶ Giveaways & partnerships ➶ Non-toxic community ➶ Cute emojis to use ➶ Diverse bots, roles and channels ➶ A women-only category ➶ Gaming and anime related ➶ Aesthetically pleasing server

We have lots of fun bots to mess around with for gaming, music, ranking, roles selection etc. We have lots of channels for memes, media and art share, industry news and releases notifications.

Mainly for MC and Bunker sales, being social, Cayo Perico heist and Carmeets. Required: voice, mature, manners and nickname = username.