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A Universe where you can find residents who have similar interests like you.

We are LoneStar Trading and we want to invite you to our group to come trade and to come make some money! We make call outs, give advice and teach people the ropes of trading stocks!

Andromeda is a community server focused on engaging users from all ends of the universe. Have fun, and discuss till your hearts content.

This server is a place to have fun and keep you up on everything I do on my yt

A Calm, friendly, relaxing place for the community to talk

This server is a full informational server about COVID-19 and its anode . Also this server provides memes channels and beautiful places around Europe . My server is a fully customized server that has the best gaming experience .

we just chill out. it’s 100% a very nice server everyone is so sweet. we rp, go in voice channels, and do other random stuff. and it isn’t too serious or formal at all it’s really chill just a hangout

We have a nice community, both +18 and under sections so if you don’t want to deal with kids or all just mute the chat and hang with like minded people. Have a bunch of chats for all occasions!

Server for Giveaways and Games in Roblox.

- Nederlandse Community - Actieve VC - Actieve Chat - Vriendelijke leden & staff - Server Evenementen - Muziek Avonden - Kies welke rollen het beste bij jouw passen om zo de Xeam Discord server beter te personaliseren!

A space for car lovers and gamers

welcome to MCL's server where you can make friends

This sever allows you to advertise your game for cheap

You can vibe here, receive video announcements, join in on games and more! We Support all people, We got active mods and admins, lots of VC's happen

Welcome to ThatChillCave! We will treat you with respect! Great chance to make friends! Join NOW!

A friendly cultural server. Everyone welcome along with uncultured people (excluding toxic ppl and pedophiles) No toxic, child-grooming mods. Female members get their own permissions for extra anti pedo security. A very small server, but we will grow :)))