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SootDavid's discord server

Welcome! This server is for anyone who enjoys gaming, anime and casually chatting with others. We hope to see you soon!

This is a place to come to rest, relax and make friends with others who share the same interests as you do. We are LGBTQ+ Inclusive and will greet you with open arms!

this server is made for fun ppl!

The official server of the Stardom!

•*Memes* •*Semi toxic* •*Lgbtq+ friendly* •*Make friends* •*Active staff* •*Fun emojis* •*SFW* •*bots* •*give aways*

Friendly discord server with all sorts of chats!

Connor's Hangout Server is more than a server, it's a fantasic server for streaming, calling, making new friends, it's great for everyone. We are not a strict server with Discord mods everywhere. We offer a chat room to talk to other users!

Come roleplay as your favorite characters or ocs from Danganronpa, share art, hangout and chill.

Just A Discord Server For Advertising Minecraft Servers And More

A community where you can enjoy company and have fun with people that has the same hobbies and likings as you.

Welcome to Bond Fire! We are mainly a rewards server doing giveaways every day! We do not make you invite people to win! We are a tiny pinch new also, so it looks good! What are you waiting for? Staring at your screen isn't going to join for you

A server for fans of Yukiko and Persona!