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Come Chat. We are Trying to Build a Community of Streamers. You Can Always Leave After All.

A safe place to chat around and have fun. A small community and a streamer with a big dream. A fun and interactive community. Feel free to chat around and join voice calls whenever! Ask people in the server to play different games but mostly just bedwars.

Fun server to make friends and have fun

The Sea Of Souls is an SMT and Persona based chatting and competitive server where you can participate in tournaments and do quests.

Java based discord with specific and non-specific channels and a growing community.

Welcome to The NyX Hub! A gaming community for players all across the world with hundreds of active players and various game support!

Een gezellige nederlandstalige Among us LFG community server om met andere mensen te spelen en gezellig te chatten!

A place to meet wonderful ppl, make friends, and discuss anything Sk8 the Infinity related of not! Stream new eps, discuss theories, and share art you made or found!<3

On this server you can play and have fun we have tons of things like Reaction rolls and Music bots. this is a growing channel in the channel there is only me.

A Free Speech discord server created by residents of the USA.

To kick things off until January 1st, 2021 we have HUGE giveaways running EVERY DAY → THOUSANDS of NMT’s | TENS OF MILLIONS in BELLS | CUSTOM INVENTORIES of ACNH items| 30+ FAST PASSES TO RAIDS → FREE BOXES OF Pokemon & SWSH ITEMS OF YOUR CHOOSING

Come join our Play by Post Superhero server using D&D as a base! No knowledge of D&D required! We are flexible homebrew and we want to allow everything (within reason ofc)! Make your own superhero and live out your caped fantasies!

A discord server with set roles and channels. Come in and chill with friends in designated VCs and text channels.

A primarily Destiny 2 LFG community made for those without mics, with disorders, or anything else. We're here for you ❤.

Welcome to our trading group, StackingTraders. This server will provide information about Crypto, Stocks and financial insights.

Paranoia is a place to chill and make friends or maybe even look for a special person if you know what i mean :) we have an aesthetic vibe all were missin is you so just pop in and say hi :)