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This Discord server is built for anyone who loves Overwatch, whether that being a competitive player, casual player, etc. all platforms are accepted here aswell, and you will almost allways find someone to play with, if not an entire team, thanks! :)

Looking for a place to find active Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout players? Frosty Lime is a Fall Guys community to find active players, share strategies, and share some amazing moments! Join Frosty Lime to team up with some pals and have a great time!

We also accept a variety of genres to our label. Including rock/metal, rnb, rap, lofi and much more! we are also the first and only discord label to accept rappers! our submission process is very streamlined, join our server to find out more!

Welcome ladies and gentleman, one and all to NASCAR Talk America. This is a rather new server to talk about the latest NASCAR News.

Gaming Kingdom is a bot grinding and community server for discord users. You can grind bots, talk with other users, laugh with others at memes and ask your questions here. Our goal is to reach 100 members! Please join and stay!

a place where artists, developers, musicians and anyone may promote their work, receive feedback, or simply hang out.

Anime Hotel (AM) is a server dedicated to meeting people with the same interests as you! We have manga & anime channels aswell as fun bots! (Idlerpg, Myuu, etc.) And each day we're looking to better the server! Your presence would greatly help us reach!

Indian server with friendly environment

Hai! Welcome to a Creepypasta Hangout/RP! We have chat stuff, roleplay stuff, stuff thats kinda in between, and since this is a baby server we have every creepypasta open except Ticci Toby because... I is da Toby. Spread da word and see ya there!

»»————- 🐝 ————-«« Welcome to Rainbows For Days. We are an LGBTQ+ support system server! We offer things like: ➳Friendly Staff ➳Support System ➳Many fun channels + bots ➳A growing community ➳A friendly community and many other things!

A place where anyone can come talk about Anime or Manga, meet other weebs and chill and have fun.

We are just a friendly little community called sanctuary. We have nothing to offer other than some jacked memes and really really dumb stories. Everyone is more than welcome to join. Just don't expect much from us.

mental health is a discord server for people who struggle with their mental health. Channels for every disorder as well as channels to make friends, play games, vent and a hotline. find people who understand you and have fun.

AVIA! is an animated, slice of life mini-series, following a group of friends with their mental and physical struggles with adulthood! Join our server to support us and spread the word!

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