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This was made for my Youtube channel, but is also a place to converse and meet new people.

This server is made for gaming. This server doesn't have many people (or maybe now it does), but with you we can come one step closer to being a community.

A server to socialize and make new friends which is a small community hoping for it to get bigger each year. We have tons of categories like gaming, RPG, and more! Have fun while socializing with new people! There are tons of different categories of thing

Memers is a cute, fun, sfw anime server where you can hang out with your friends! We have very good mods and we would love for you to come on in!

A chill place to make some new friends! We're a small server so the admin team is very active in chats as well as VC's! Come join us today and make some new friends.

We are an advertising server with over 200 members!

If you like music then this server is perfect for you! Time To Rock is a great place to discuss your musical tastes or to simply share your favorite songs. Perhaps you just want to discover new music; that's okay too!

Just egirls getting to know each other and playing games together! tryna build a nice and safe community for all of us :)

We are the official server for the Roblox economy bot; boblox. We host many giveaways such as robux, boblox currency, and more! We are also an active community where you can chat with others

We are a small community of discord browser gamers that aspire to have fun in a safe, diverse, and inclusive faction. We host an economy, Roblox and url game events. (Still under development, claim your champion rank today!)

Small but active community - Chill & Laid back people - We mostly focus on Gaming & In genral talks -Boosted -Chill -Streamer Tips -Graphic Design Tips -Active -Friendly people -Much more!!

Welcome to the best Fiverr server, we give advices in everything!