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Basically just a place for you to hang out, play games, and compete in our gym challenge. Just join and you can always leave after, and we always have active staff to help you!

Find new players, find a 6-person team, play customs with up to 12 players, chat with anybody, participate in prize tournaments/events, vibe in a voicechat and listen to music and more. All are welcome to help grow the server.

This group is for my fellow weebs. it conains anime theme'd things so join if you wanna have fun and make new friends! his group is for everyone!

This is a fun and friendly server that has Roleplay chats of all kinds, promotion channels, meme channels, anime channels, promotion channels, study channels and many more!

VRTX Esports is a British Esports organization aiming to reach the highest of success levels.

A place for weebs to hangout

Welcome to Guacamole Game Corner! We hope you enjoy your stay here. This is a minigame server, where we have frequent games being hosted, such as Elevators, Mafia, Survivor, and much more! You can even choose to host your own game here!

One of The Few Elton John Discords!

a whole community for chill people , if you want cool people to play / spend good times with you definitely join us !

Basically we are the monkes

this server is and really safe server i recommend you to join it mean a lot to me and the members of the community so if its not to mush to for you you to join our server with kind hearted people. we welcome you with open arms.

🍥 For Anime, Art & Cosplay Lovers 🌺 Very Nice Aesthetic Layout 🍡 Cute Emotes and Giveaways 🧁 Reaction Roles and Polls 🌷 Boosting/Voting Perks 🍭 Mental Health Support 🍨 Active Moderators 🍑

we are cool people! come hang out with us! a bit under construction as it is new and also my first server. still trying to figure out bots. :)

Lagi nyari server discord?? Di ChillZone Indonesia aja.

We sell coins at the best price you'll find and also the best scripts for hypixel skyblock. - Giant stock of coins for only $0.2/m or less. - BIN sniper bot (up to 100m per day)

Hello, we are a Discord Server called "WildBlaze"! We sell clothes with a good design and effort! We are currently selling boys' and men's clothing at the money, but we will start to sell girls' and women's clothing really soon so stay tuned!