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Just a general server for chatting, memes, ranting, and making new friends.

This server is an all rounder community-based server with topics you'll love!

A fun roleplay server needing more members to get off the ground. We promise you a warm welcome and friendly staff!

A place to hang out and (you guessed it) vibe.

Cute little community server with friendlies, weirdos, and people you'll probably think are crazy. Why not join and see what's up?

Welcome to Chill Space!! CS is a fun hangout server where you can chill and make some new friends! why not stop by? :)

Enjoy the hangout of gamers!

🇳🇱🎊 Planeet Autistia is de gezelligste discord server van heel Nederlands, Join snel en wees ook gezellig

Kirby's Farlands is a misc. Discord server, which means almost any topic is allowed, such as anime, gaming, YouTube, etc.

Welcome to Astro, We have: - NSFW - General Channels - Memes - Games - and More

This is where you can get cheap money, levels, unlock and modded vehicles/outfits

We are rlly cool we talk about fnaf and we play among us and it's just a really nice server

I created this server to allow people to gift and receive their own gifts. I saw the idea on a Facebook group and decided to make one on another large platform!

Just a basic server with a few bots that's useful to meet other people and hang out

Awake and enter Aether.