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ʚʚ ー a chill server for cool mfs   cause most ppl on the internet suck

In this server you can buy discord bots or websites for them, add your discord bots and use them in a special channel, and much more!

Newly created discord for content creators, game enthusiasts and normal folk. Veteran owned server. 18+, live going live stream notifications for your twitch. Perfect place to share your content.

+16 year olds My hero academia literate style roleplay group Ocs Welcome Cannon characters available Student, teacher, hero, or villain.

Vintage is an upcoming community server! We have active vcs ✨ plenty of fun events ✨ giveaways ✨ join our server now!

Hey guys,if you wanna chill, talk or if you want to play Minecraft, you can join my SMP and discord server. Both, the SMP and the server are new and they will go in some changes ip of the server is MineOnline.aternos.me

Need a safe place to escape edginess and embrace cuteness? Then this place is for you.

​ Это ЛГБТ-гей сообщество для участников закрытого сайта знакомств для геев - Qguys, и для всех мужчин, которые любят мужчин. (18+) ​

Welcome, we are a friendly community!

★ Friendly community ★ Chat and meet new people ★ Play Nintendo games with others ★ Share your art ★ Have a good time!

Servidor em Português da Família Sparkle (Youtube - O Estranho Mundo de Jessy). Se juntem à Jessy Sparkle e ao Marco Filipe e vamos conversar sobre todos os temas :)

Lea's MM2 Shop https://discord.gg/XaNkSTKCUU What we offer: Cheap prices Non-toxic community chill and chatting future giveaways?

QT discord server


We play a wide range of games and usually use Discord to communicate with each other so make sure to join!

A newly created community to chat any kinds of topics in your behalf.

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❤ Welcome to SnowFlake's Community! SnowFlake's Community is a friendly, diverse and inclusive hangout community with members from all over the globe!