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This is A cute Aesthetic server with cute bots and Nice people

Hello welcome to Money World! We make money using various ways such as referrals, surveys, cryptocurrency, investment and any way of making money. Join this server if you want to make money and promote your ways of making money.

5-Star BOOSTED TACOSHACK, MewBot, MeowBot, Blackjack, detailed leveling system & much more to come as this is a brand new server!

This a play to hang out chill and talk about your favorite anime there is also a music room and I will keep on working on the server to make it more appealing then now, I will know this server will get better you have my word

♢ WELCOME TO PLURILINGUAL! COMMUNITÉD We're a small and friendly community and language learning server! Interesting combo, huh? Let's get right into it!

The Official Discord Server for the IT for Everybody YT Channel!

This is my community and I aim to make it popular.

Wanted to make a discord server so here it is... Join if you want to meet new people with similar hobbies. Everyone is Welcome.

◞ sfw ◞ black/white + japancore aes ◞ hiring ams + pms

Hello! My name is Ødd & this is my server, a friendly community server who is very supportive! Come on down and have some fun.

Join here to get free Roblox groups no personal details or downloads there is a youtube guide on how to do it

an open gaming server for anyone who joined [ARGMS Hub] all games mainly FPS games

Um belo servidor se você quer fazer novos amigos, conversar sobre seus animes favoritos, seus jogos favoritos. Temos um chat ativo quase o 100% do tempo, e diversão é o que não falta

a roleplaying based server but its mostly just people chilling and talking with eachother.