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This discord server is for chilling and meeting new people and playing games with other people.

a place for shinobi life 2 players and naruto fans to chill, and hang out, we do giveways at every 100 members and more things like that.

Brooke Monk community discord. We talk about brooke and other off topic things.

Hello there, Welcome to OnlyFans of Discord where users as well as models can come along and Interact with members as well as models. Models are allowed to drop there links however please be mindful and ask a member of staff to verify you're account.

Combat related games are our focus, but most play a bit of everything. Created for those who want a quality server with fair ownership and feel like you're apart of something more.

A discord server where you can chat about religion and learn about Buddhism, Taoism and Eastern Philosophies!

Welcome to the Admix game dev community! This server is a place for you to share, chat, and collaborate in making awesome games with awesome people. Get stuck in!

We are a server where you can make friends, game, listen to music, or just chill. :)

Games, Memes, Suffering. And most importantly TonyMazda


This is just a hangout server, you don´t necessarily need to be a simp to get in lmao. Lots of voice channels and you can get suggestions and help for certain things, everyone is nice and caring and i bet you'd have loads of fun!

A safe space for teens to vent, find friends, and to feel less alone! We're all friendly here, so grab your blanket and come say hello!

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A unofficial server for the roblox game Police Sim New York City, by TheDevBranch.