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Server for Giveaways and Games in Roblox.

Show off your art right now! we intend to use this server to help people improve their art skills or just to socialize a lil bit :3 It's mostly shitposting tbh we're cool people tho :D

Este servidor es para charlar sobre lulu la mas hermosa de universo

the radio static server offers several chat rooms for things like mcyt, books, art, music, the lgbtq+ community, and gaming!

ღA safe-spaceღ ☭A healthy community☭ ❅Nice Staff☼ ✎Self-assignable roles✎ :cloud: Staff Applications |-| Daily/weekly Updates |-| Active:cloud: ©️•A safe-verification system: to keep out any trolls and homophobes•©️ ✪Friendliest queer community✪

Gaming and anime server

This is the new Ocean SMP. The main plot of this server is we will be stranded on the middle of an island and we will honly have limited recourses. I think it will be fun and I’d like you to come along for the ride!

Have you ever wanted to be in a server where you can just talk with others without anyone hating/insulting you? Well, now you can, in a brand new server A Home For All! Invite link: https://discord.gg/nFwyUZyD2c

For Christians, skeptics with questions and for everyone interested in Jesus Christ.

This is Anime Experience, a new server including many fun things to do! You can Roleplay, play games, send memes, talk, and much more!

Welcome to ☕ Isabelle's Cafè ☕ We are a furry Server where we focus on positivity and good vibes ^^

We are a slow growing server. We need some kind and chill vibe members.

A server for gaming and generally fun things! Any age is allowed!

An LGBTQ+ inclusive server centered around Rifted Podcast

this is a server to share and learn scambaiting exprience

Guardian Pixelmon is a Minecraft server utilizing the Pixelmon modpack to give all players the best possible experience.