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Join our server now if you want to meet new people and discuss your interests such as: -films/tvshows/anime -memes -games really chilled out enviroment with very lenient mods also looking for more moderators if anyone is interested!

This server is ran by Alpha- (Youtuber/Twitch streamer) We welcome everyone and offer media rank to people!

This is the Code Pioneers official discord server! We're all about writing code and listening to some chill Lofi Hip-Hop music, come on in!

Another Voice is a community server for our great Youtube channel. Our Youtube channel now has a good user community and we want everyone to meet each other and discuss our Youtube content. Subscribe to Youtube first at !

Ollie Supremacy! Gain Access to over 50 new Ollie emotes as well as join a welcoming community of fellow Zomrades!

The LiquidGold Official Discord is a server for all of LiquidGold's viwers/subscribers to join and become part of the community. Here, you can see all of LiquidGold's Twitter posts, YouTube videos, and you can even chat with other users.

We Are play Deferent types of game Like PC GAMES AND MOBILE GAMES .

Memes 🔥 Bots 🐸 NSFW 🔞 Gaming 🎮 Spam 💣Chill 💖

Is a server owned by Start Game Yt and co owned by Abiame_YT!

I am a joint owner of a editing and clip-posting YouTube channel, at the time of writing this we are on 50 subscribers! Which is a huge achievement for me and my partner with 53k overall channel views. Please see the long description.

Fastest way to get Free Netflix! 300+ vouches and 51 boosts!

Anyone stream everyday but sucks at networking so you get little viewers? Me too! I made a channel just for us on discord so we can grow together (:

This is the community of JDJG Inc. official Hang out if you want to.

Server dedicated to the community around Officer Bepis. Come and hang out with fans and friends and myself! Gaming, memes, anime, politics, and general fun await you and your friends! We are accepting of all people!

This is a channel to talk about anything, with anyone! The server itself is based around my YouTube channel, NekoVenture, and I made it to connect with my fans and other people