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Salut, sunt Mihai si am 16 ani.

Discord avatars,banners, emote !!!

Find love with other childfree singles from Tri State area, including not only New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, but also Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

Weeigi's Gaming Hangout is a Discord Server where you can meet many awesome people!

Core SMP is a 1.17 Roleplay Minecraft SMP. Where there is a massive twist which is "Tag" how the tag gets passed around the different players during different sections of the lore.

Just a place where people can chill and talk.

Do you love music, want to share your playlist from Spotify, Deezer and more? This server is for you!

We create games! This is an fan server.

come join if you dont have people to ply with or just want to chat

We are a minecraft server . We have a very nice community . We need new members and more active ones aswell, we are trying to be as fun as we can . Join our discord and minecraft server now!

Join only if you got them dank memes!

Welcome to Art Discord! This community will gather artists from all over the world:> You will be able to meet new artists, show your work and more! We hope you will have a great time!

That server for 18+ only because of that category is NSFW.

Hello! This is a Server where many islands Giveaways Happen, It would be amazing to See you there! :>

My server for listening to music. With lots of bot and lots of emojis. A good community and good moderation

🎬 Movie suggestions, movie nights, meet new people??? 21+ welcome