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just play games and make friends

join us! we're a sweet, supportive and bookloving community! we accept everyone here!

A server for people who're searching for new friends and want to play a game with them, you're more than welcome!

A community server for Blue colour.

Are you a big fan of Melee? Do you like playing low tier's just for the heck of it? Does a certain pink puffball interest you? Well, it would be so kind of you were to join... THE OFFICIAL MELEE KIRBY SERVER!

~satisfy your urges~

The perfect spot for students to hang out, study together, play games, make new friends, and talk about anything.

Hosting worldwide events including giveaways, tournaments, leagues and so much more! Face off against fair competition of hundreds of teams competing worldwide for $$!

Official Discord server for Lazisbad! The famous twitter Schechter!

This is a Doctor Who discord Server based around the time war but not limited to it. Classic Who, New Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, EU canon, and beyond are all welcome on our server.

A platform to bring together all the Femdom/BDSM lovers in India. Objective is to transform this server into a one-stop destination for Femdom in India.

Another roleplay made by friends.

Gods locked away and used for the use of the people. Kings, Queens, all royals are corrupt deep down, using them for their benefit. What will you do? (DARK THEME RP)

This server is for people looking for others to talk to, play games with, watch movies with, etc.