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It's simple, Studio Developments is a community hangout place! We also have good admins!

Discord Server to help people keep their cloud accounts active, especially after the release of new policy by Google and Facebook Account Deactivation.

fun and free nitro and stuff

What is 64Bit Creations? 64Bit Creations is a development team that has high expectations in bringing games to the ROBLOX community. We put all our effort into making high-quality games and gameplay experiences for everyone.

This is Gaming Community

a chill server where a group of local friends talk and game. feel free to ask anything.

We are an active Lost Ark community based on the official EU server, actively engaging in PvE, PvP and GvG!

Welcome to Orchid's! SR MOD + MOD POSITIONS OPEN AND WANTED! Chill community with game nights including Minecraft, jackbox, among us, Cs:go, and more! Art, anime, cosplay, and other hobbies welcome and encouraged! Mudae + Karuta open :)

a server where you can play games. chat and make friends :)

The Minecraft sever Homies Haven’s official server! We have lots of fun discord games as well. And a great place to meet new friends!

Planetary Alliance is a international multi-gaming community that initally spawned out of the third person shooter Warframe as one of the game largest alliances i the game. https://planetary-alliance.com/

A fun, welcoming and supportive server!

Enjoi the NSFW content

Metric Advertising is my first attempt at an advertising server, and I think it went really well! There are many things you can do, like advertise (obviously lol), chat, find some jobs, among other things. We also have a couple of bots and nice members!