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We post 100x gems from BSC. We are looking to become the best community for PancakeSwap finds. Let's get rich together :)

Wir Programmieren HauptsΓ€chlich das was sonst nut Premium Bots kΓΆnnen..

This is a server for people to communicate and play video games together within a safe environment!

Just join. You know you need this in your life. A chill server to hang out, talk and sh$tpost about whatever you want.

Come hang out and get announcements when I upload a video or go live on Twitch.

Hello! This server is for the game β€œamong us”and other games! it is also a mental health server!

Welcome to my server! It’s mainly for animal jam but everyone is welcome! We do giveaways for animal jam!

Welcome to a safe place where you can be yourself with nice staff and even nicer people In our server we have self asignable roles And over 40 color choices So come have fun in our server

Want a server to join and play among us instantly? Among us squad is all about hosting or joining lobbies and playing with friends and other people, so what are you waiting for? come on down, and join us what are you waiting for?

Creative Thoughts is all about collaborating, sharing, conversating, and more! We amazing never seen features, however we’re always down for suggestions from our lovely and friendly community.

This server is for other people to meet others on there consoles, or to meet other people on a different variety of consoles, and to share art, screenshots, and clips.

A server for matchmaking for the Overcooked! franchise! Come join us if you're into this cooking multiplayer madness! We have matchmaking for all major platforms the games have released on!

Steamaway is a giveaway server where we hold free to join giveaways, with no condition at all. Giveaways contain Steam game keys, Discord Nitro and server points, which can be turned into various other stuff.

My server is a social hub to hangout in, find people to play with, and many more things. I make videos on youtube and you can get your video Idea featured just by posting it on my server!

>| Are you looking for a place to just hang-out and meet other people? This is definitely the place for you O-O >| We are a server that welcomes everyone! Our main goal is to bring people together in a comfy space to just chillax~