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Cannabisseurs (THC) is a complete community discord experience. We play mostly mobile games like Among Us and Brawl Stars as well as encourage discord activity with events, fun bots, and all sorts of other things!

Meme server. Full of a bunch of happy people posting funny/cursed/NSFW(literally porn too) and having high IQ discussions about cum and poo.

Looking for a new place to chat and talk to people then I'm happy to show you Alche City. We're a friendly server with tons of emojis and more! The goal is to get to 1000 users so why not join it's one click away and you can always leave if you want to!

Short and sweet, we are a server for everyone. Think of it as a bar where everyone can hangout or play games or even have civil discussions. All in all just here to create a community which everyone can have fun.

Come one, come all down to Sin's Gaming Bin! We are a growing community looking for members and staff! We have a ton of gaming communities we support from Among Us, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing!

Fij is a server for artists with a minimalist, easy to navigate layout. Hangout, meet other artists, share your creations, and have fun! Oc friendly! All skill levels and mediums welcome!

Welcome simps and e girls! Come and join us at gummies, a chill server to chat and play with either your old friends or new ones to make here! Meet new friends and join our new community!

☆The Hangout Spot☆ is a chill, friendly, judgement and hate free server where everyone can feel welcomed. In Hope's to build a large community for everyone to be themselves and make new friends with similar interests.

Have fun with other people by chatting, playing mini games, looking at the memes etc.

Weed Emoji's Nothing more nothing less just green emoji's

im looking for a group of about 20 people ages 13-17 for my discord. it would just be a small group of people that play among us together and chat, but the idea is we make friends and play together often : )

Although it's a bit dead atm, we still would like to take the opportunity to grow and bring people of similar interests together! ^^

- active server - simple rules - fun bots - organised accesible channels - pick up lines ! - different interests (anime, gaming, etc) - manual roles - café theme based - events

Welcome to the beta version of the server of NeoOrbis, a project that plans to build the world in the style of another dimension, everything will have to be organized slowly but surely, but it's possible to accomplish!!

Suchen Coole Leute die Among Us Zocken.

This server is for people looking for others to talk to, play games with, watch movies with, etc.