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Welcome to Jungle realms?πŸ¦… Your first question might be, What is this, or Why am I being invited here? Well, the answer is very crystal clear. Jungle realms is a Minecraft Java Edition server 🧱 aiming for one of the best up-to-date plugins.

Come join our Play by Post Superhero server using D&D as a base! No knowledge of D&D required! We are flexible homebrew and we want to allow everything (within reason ofc)! Make your own superhero and live out your caped fantasies!

Hello, All you Need is a new server that is hoping to grow. We are friendly, have lots of channels and love to talk. We hope you join soon!

Come Chat. We are Trying to Build a Community of Streamers. You Can Always Leave After All.

Hey! We are a new server , but we offer β€’ great people to speak with β€’ Fun bots with various games β€’ Music and entertainment β€’ Anime and Manga fans Non toxic too! So what are you waiting for , join our pack today! 🐺 :)

KoreaStreet is a Korean Culture Server where you can talk about Kpop, Idols, K-Dramas, etc. We have a few custom Meme and Kpop Emoji’s (Still in progress) We’re in need of staff so don’t be afraid to apply, WE NEED MEMBERS

β˜„οΈA new Discord server for general and specific chit-chat alike. Meet new people and have a great time. β˜„οΈ

Please don't join the server if you aren't going to talk in it at all. We want new members, but not ones that won't ever talk in chat. Do keep that in mind.

A place where you can clown around freely, we play Among Us and other games and shit. memes are welcomed.

This Discord Server is A Discord Server For Dungeon Battle's! ( The Minecraft Server)

π•¨π•–π•π•”π• π•žπ•– π•₯𝕠 π•™π• π•£π•Ÿπ•ͺ π•›π•’π•šπ• Seeking for a place to create, make friends and have a fun time? Our server is all about friendly communication and having a fun time! We share, collaborate and have a wide variety of topics.

Welcome to Dreamers Magic! We are a diverse, fun community that is here to give YOU the magic of Disney in your home!

Hello, we are a Discord Server called "WildBlaze"! We sell clothes with a good design and effort! We are currently selling boys' and men's clothing at the money, but we will start to sell girls' and women's clothing really soon so stay tuned!

Come here! Play here and enjoy here!

Want a server to join and play among us instantly? Among us squad is all about hosting or joining lobbies and playing with friends and other people, so what are you waiting for? come on down, and join us what are you waiting for?