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We play video games and chill we donโ€™t take things seriously and this server is friendly to kids like me

The Community and Support Server of all the ยฉ Sheepstar - bots.

Ever wanted to join a community, with just counting and more? Join here, TODAY!!!!

This is a server for nathanplays' minecraft youtube channel!

welcome to our server ! this server needs your help ! we talk english and french ! - Events - Interactive Bots - A lot of Roles - More Fun ! pls, we need you to join because we are making the biggest server. JOIN NOW !

We are here for those who are looking for a good time with good and calming people who love s good match. And to train to perfect skills and bring out the most in people's potential and we won't stop till we do!

Late Night streams of games like Among Us, Rainbow 6 Seige etc...

Join my hangout, Or club? Nothing for no-one is my newest discord! Jam to music with friends with Rythem, Level up with MEE6, Become a high rank! And some stuff about the server! -Create art -Make many memes, Yes Many -No toxicity

A FiveM immersive simulation of the tier one emergency services that operate within the beloved Square Mile that makes up the beautiful and unique City of London.

Max. 20 players. For 13 and under. Moderator bots. Play Among Us games.

Come Enjoy Our Serve, and have fun together.

A server about a king and a queen! We also have army ranks! Join today.

fun place to chill and chat about games and memes

This is a Discord server for a new Minecraft server and which you will get updates, announcements, fun prizes and special events that are happening on the Minecraft server It's free and anyone can join๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿค™๐Ÿผ