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Hello This is a new server This is a place for everyone if your feeling down need a team want to just slap memes in that chat your more than welcolm to need a chat jump in anything goes.

Moist Shack is a debate discord with light rules. Come Discuss whatever topic you want!

This is a very active and welcoming discord server that loves the dream smp.

↷ chung is a brand new discord server created on 6/17/2021 ↷ this server is made for memes/chatting and making new friends!

Kohls Studio scripts

Friendly/ChatRP/Furry/Weebs/Community/New/Remade/Everyone can come

We are a active growing community with a variety of bots and we help you to write code/viruses.

Chuuckki Land is a safe haven dedicated to Twitch streamer chuuckki's amazing community.

Hey there. I am trying to make a community around music, gaming and memes!

Indonesia mabar server Yg kesepian boleh join ke kita

Le Naufrage d'Eldarya est la nouvelle maison du Refuge d'Eel.

Ein relativ kleiner Server im Aufbau!

This server was indented to be made for gamers buuut we decided to make it a bigger than that with tons of features and channels so come and join us, would really appreciate that !🔥🔥💙💙

Server en español dedicado a League of Legends para jugar partidas en LAN y NA

недавно созданный сервер начинаем развиваться

Godly calls, money Price Targets, and an educational dream to learn from some of the best stock market callers there are in the game.