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A simple server for people who want to make genuine and long lasting connections with others away from internet culture and politics



Gaming community, mainly minecraft, roblox, anime, anime games etc. <3

We are an online gaming community based for new players on games to get together and expand your knowledge on specific games.

A Mcdonald's themed place to chill and make new friends. lgbtq+ friendly / BLM / 13-17 /weekly movie nights / multifandom / have fun!

Just a small server started by friends :)

Fortnite Lfg, when it comes to finding others to play with here is the place to do it. DUOS LFG SQUADS LFG TEAM RUMBLE LFG CREATIVE LFG PARTY ROYALE LFG Features: Update Announcements for Fortnite Item Shop Bot (Johnwickbot) Fortnite leaks

Welcome to basement kids. This is not a specific server but if you wanted to describe it- its a hangout.

This server will contain updates about our game "Chill City" in Roblox. In the future, we will make more games and change the server to our games server. We may also turn the server where all Roblox Developers meet.

I tried to make a good server not racist having fun not in pain

No bs.. entries and exits provided. We aren’t a pump and dump stock server. We provide learning rescourses and help to those that are willing to learn. No payment now or ever. #education room for valuable knowledge, #Trade Alerts 🚨 room for callouts

-anime and manga -gaming -kpop -13+ -semi-sfw -aesthetic white theme -fun bots

A safe server. Is is owned by a youtuber - TomWare Corporation. Please join us!

We are a friendly server that uses tupperbox to roleplay. Its a fantasy themed roleplay, the setting is a university. We have friendly active members and staff, and are LGBTQ+ friendly. I sound like a robot while writing this... screw lack of sleep.